Can CBD Help with Withdrawal from Drug Addiction?

Using one drug to help rid a body of another substance may seem counterintuitive, but may feel this method is often helpful in rehab to make the withdrawal and detoxification process tolerable and comfortable. With the promise of cannabidiol (CBD) as an effective pain reliever for just about everything, the natural question is: Does CBD have a place in detox and withdrawal?

Understanding CBD

CBD has swarmed the marketplace and is branded as helpful for pain relief, but it’s easily confused with marijuana—and they are not the same. CBD is a chemical compound that is derived from marijuana or hemp, both varieties of the cannabis plant. However, marijuana has THC, a psychoactive element, while hemp has a negligible concentration of THC. In short, CBD does not get you high.

Hemp, in fact, is cultivated to have a high concentration of CBD. And CBD as a compound affects the body’s receptors that are responsible for regulating chronic pain, psychosis, inflammation, seizures, and more.

Medication in Holistic Rehab

Traditional rehab often relies on prescribed medication for especially challenging detoxes, or will even offer medically assisted recovery. The purpose of detox is not only to rid the body of addictive and harmful substances, but to diffuse cravings. Holistic rehabs are very careful about introducing any new chemicals or medications into the body.

Because holistic rehabs often rely on herbal supplementation as a gentle arm of detoxification, as well as nutritional support, rest, and other cleansing measures, it’s natural to assume that CBD is a given. Every person going through withdrawal is different, however, and their needs and responses to therapies will vary.

The Potential of CBD

Because CBD is a natural substances and holistic rehab embraces a natural process of healing, it makes sense that CBD could be a beneficial holistic detoxification tool that helps people avoid non-narcotic detox medications.

There is no solid research that has shown CBD as an effective resource in detoxification and recovery. That doesn’t mean plenty of people have not benefitted from the oils, gummies, tinctures, and other incarnations of cannabidiol. Rehab considers CBD on a case-by-case basis. Mental health plays a role too—CBD is often indicated for people suffering with anxiety or other disorders, but there are shades of gray, and some people may not respond positively at all.

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Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash