Michael “MJ” Jasnwieski

Discharge Planner, IOP Manager, and SMART Recovery Facilitator

As the Discharge Planner, he knows that real recovery begins after you pack up, leave treatment, and transition back into your normal life. He gets that staying connected can keep you accountable. By having a solid discharge plan, including setting after care providers and finding vital absorbing creative interests you are able to live a more fun and happier life in sobriety.

As IOP Manager, he keeps up with the clients who decide to further their care and stay in our Recovery Residences. Connecting with an IOP and staying in a Recovery Residence you further your chance for success with having further support and accountability in your stage of early recovery.

And as SMART Recovery facilitator, he takes every opportunity to share with current how using self-management and recovery training (SMART recovery) can be used as a program of recovery.

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