A Drug Rehab Facility Can Save Your Life

Addicts entering a drug rehab facility often do so because they have realized that their addictions have taken them to a new level of danger. The drugs that are available are becoming more and more scary, they are relatively cheap and easy to obtain and have devastating effects on lives and communities. Searching for new highs takes addicts to dangerous places and puts them in extremely vulnerable situations.

Obviously drug dealers and manufacturers would prefer their customers not to die, however, the goal is to make the substances as addictive as possible. The fact that one has no idea what chemicals you are ingesting or smoking, make the risks even higher. The side effects are horrific and rehab facilities are determined to educate and make people aware of the dangers.

Some of the worst drugs are:

The use of this drug has been increasing since the eighties. The method used in the synthesizing of this drug is dangerous in itself and involves using highly explosive chemicals. Distribution is usually through violent gangs and so, when buying it, the addict is involved in a criminal situation. Often, the user may be forced by others or through their own choice into prostitution to acquire enough money to continue using the drug. Intense mania, delusions and paranoia, loss of appetite and sleeplessness are some of the effects of this drug and relief is usually found only by using more.

Synthetic designer drugs
Synthetic designer drugs like ecstasy and “bath salts” (which is synthetic cathinone) are a growing problem. They are easy to obtain and relatively cheap. The latest designer drug devastating our community is called flakka, which has the active ingredient alpha-pvp. This drug is sold in crystal form and often smoked using electronic cigarettes. It gives heightened awareness, making people more sensitive to touch, and feelings of super strength. However, paranoia sets in quite quickly and the user can become highly unstable and pose a threat to others. One of the biggest dangers is that anything can be put into the drug. Reports of bizarre and crazy behavior only serve to confuse the situation, as many people are using the drug and not experiencing these effects.

This is a form of synthetic heroin that causes severe tissue damage to its victims. It is a heroin replacement that can be made from codeine, which is easily available without a prescription. It is highly addictive; the high lasts about an hour and a half and withdrawal starts immediately afterwards. Many users inject the drug right after synthesizing and do not purify it or eliminate toxic products from the process. The combination of high addictive potential and toxic adulterants causes severe tissue damage, leaving many addicts with scaly-looking skin – this is what led to the name, which is Russian for crocodile. Users of this drug will die from gangrene in two years as their arteries and veins decay.

Going to a rehab facility before entering into the dark world of very dangerous drugs can save your life. The opportunity to find the cause of your addiction and learn about yourself in order to change is always available.