“When I came to Beachside I was broken and didn’t know where my life was going. Between my own willingness and the help of Beachside staff and clinical team, I have been able to become ok with myself again. ” Kevin W.

July 2017

“Beachside is a beautiful facility! Top notch care and beautiful housing. The staff genuinely cares and works to meet your every need! It’s definitely a plus and raises the comfortability level that a lot of the staff are in recovery themselves. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for immaculate care!” Autumn S.

July 2017

“The staff was amazing. They keep you comfortable while providing lots of support and encouragement. Still sober and working every day to keep it that way. If you’re looking for a great place to start the recovery journey this is it.” Brady S.

June 2017

“I was treated on an individual basis. My treatment focused on my needs to get well. A beautiful setting and very caring staff members. I strongly believe that I have a support system I can depend on now and in my future! Thank you for giving me my life back!” Jaqueline B.

Feb 2015

“Beachside Rehab was a life changing experience for me. I was so lost in life and my whole family had given up on me. Treatment was my last hope. I am so thankful I found Beachside. The therapy offices felt so comfortable and helped me calm down because I was so nervous. The beach houses were so comfortable I didn’t want to leave! I really enjoyed all the activities, especially the beach barbecues. My time at Beachside really helped me to find peace and open up about my issues. I really want to thank the entire staff for everything they did to help me be a better person!!!” Karen W.

Feb 2014

“Beachside was awesome. I was such a mess when I first got there but the staff helped me to understand why my life was falling apart. They made the whole process enjoyable. I liked how the houses were actually on the beach. I love the new sober life I live now and am rebuilding the trust with all of my family members. Beachside really helped turn my life towards a better path. Thanks everyone at Beachside!” Ryan T.

Feb 2014

“I loved Beachside! The staff, the facilities, and the program was amazing. So thankful I found this place! I highly recommend this treatment center!” Samantha R.

Feb 2014

“I am a 25 year old addict from New York. My addiction started at a young age in which it took me to many bad places and made me do many things that I never thought I would ever do. At the age of about 21, I thought for the rest of my life I will be an addict and there will never be any hope for me. I knew I was smart, and I knew I had a lot to offer to the world… But, nothing could ever surpass the devils that ruled my life. Crack cocaine and Heroin were the most important things to me, and I could not go on with everyday life without them. When I turned 23, I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore and I needed help.

I have been to many rehabs in the past 2 years, and no rehab really ever found the exact nature of my problems and/or disease. Each rehab pretty much told me I have a drug problem, and that I needed to stay for a 30 day treatment and I would be cured. Well, If that were the case, my addiction problem would have been solved the first treatment center I attended. My true inner problems were not being dealt with, and I never could say I ever got any real treatment for my disease at any rehab thus far. But, when I arrived at Beach Side Treatment Center, I had a funny feeling that this could be the place that could really help me.

The day I got to Beach Side I knew something was going to be different. One of the owners was sitting at the office waiting for my arrival, and when I got there, I was accepted with open arms. Never once has any treatment center that I have been to welcomed me with one of the owners there to make me feel safe and at home. It honestly was one of the best feelings an addict could have. Many treatment centers are solely in the business of treatment for the money and they could care less about the actual rehabilitation of the client.

I attended Beach Side Rehab for 33 days, and each day got better and better for me. To be honest, I was very reluctant to stay at Beach Side because it was a smaller rehab and I was used to 100 plus clients like the other rehabs I was a client at. But, each employee showed me so much love and care I couldn’t help but stay and stick it out. After about 3 days of being there, it didn’t even seem like I was at a rehab. It was almost as if I was at a private secluded hide away that was solely there for all my needs and the overall treatment I needed as an individual. Beach Side helped me look into my true inner demons and made me realize how and why I am an addict, not just reiterating the fact that I like to do drugs. Every day my needs were met as a client, and I was treated as an actual human being as opposed to being treated as another number to the facility. Beach Side changed my life, and every day I will always think about how this was the actual rehab that saved and changed my life for the better. I owe Beach Side everything, and to anyone who is reading this, I extremely recommend you think about coming to this facility.

In conclusion, Beach Side Rehab is a smaller facility that doesn’t house more than 20 clients at a time and the staff focuses more on the individual as opposed to a big client group setting. The treatment I received at this facility was unlike any other, and I would advise any addict or alcoholic to consider coming here for treatment. My hats off to the staff over at Beach Side, because if it weren’t for them, I would still be out ripping and running in full-fledged addiction. The love I have for Beach Side will never leave my heart, and I owe the world to them for saving my life.” Patrick K.

Feb 2014