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Going to a drug rehabilitation center will help you overcome your addiction. But, merely entering rehab is not enough to turn over a new leaf and remain clean. After rehab, you need to take stock of your life. You should see what needs to change, what friends you need to leave behind, and whether or not your habits and hobbies will be detrimental to your recovery.

We’ve outlined some of the common areas that can lead to relapse so you can prepare.



It’s safe to say the most important habit you have to break is your actual addiction. But, there are other things you’ll need to change when recovering from drug dependence. A lot of the time, people turn to drugs as an escape.

Relying on substances to overcome your anxieties is a routine you need to break as soon as possible. If you are stressed out, don’t turn to drugs to help you feel better. Instead, tackle the root of the problem or get help.

Remember, habits can very quickly turn into addictions if you aren’t careful. Don’t replace your drug hit with alcohol, as it’s easy to swap one addiction for another.



Relationships can be toxic. Sometimes the only way for you to properly recover is to remove people from your old life. If you were dating someone who takes drugs and refuses to quit with you, you need to think of yourself first. Be selfish. It may seem harsh, but trying to recover when your loved ones are still using is taxing.

Remaining in relationships with people who are addicted will cause you to relapse so that you can connect with them again. You might be pressured by these friends to start using drugs and fall back into the cycle of addiction.



It may seem strange to assume that a career can stand in the way of your recovery. Don’t forget that our jobs form an integral part of our daily lives. If you turned to drugs because your work made you stressed or anxious, it would probably be detrimental to your recovery.

People who occupy high-stress careers will turn to drugs to cope. If your job puts you at risk, you need to re-evaluate your career path. There will always be other jobs, so don’t sacrifice everything just for a paycheck.



Hobbies are often beneficial to the recovery process, rather than detrimental. However, sometimes it’s best to leave behind anything you did while addicted to drugs and find a new hobby. If, for example, cocaine made you want to go out and play tennis (unlikely, but still possible), try a different sport. Tennis will bring back memories of drugs, so it’s best to leave it behind, along with your old life.

All in all, the best way to turn over a new leaf is to spring clean your life. If you are ready to get started on your road to recovery, contact us to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can help you!