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Safety of Inpatient Drug Rehab

An inpatient drug rehab can be a safe haven in order to find your center. A lot of people have probably told you how bad drugs are; however, few have told you how good they feel. Ecstasy (MDMA) is named that for a reason and the rush of smoking crack cocaine sparks the immediate desire to try it again. These highs are extreme and so are their inevitable accompanying lows. Living your life in extremes takes its toll. Yo-yoing out of balance in all aspects of your life is the price to pay for a drug addiction.

Changes to Your Physical Body

While on drugs your body is under stress, be it your muscles, bones or organs, all of your body systems are affected by using drugs, plus your mental health may deteriorate with long term use. This damage takes time to heal. Habitually using substances makes it difficult to regain your health. If you develop a dependence on a substance your body also takes strain in the form of withdrawal symptoms when you can’t get a hold of that substance. You may also become disinterested and uncaring in your approach to your personal hygiene, ignoring dental or skin problems and lose your libido. Similarly, you might spend time in places and with people that are un-conducive to a healthy physical body i.e. sharing drug paraphernalia, smokey rooms, dangerous areas or unprotected sex.

Changes in Your Emotional State

Drugs toy with your emotions. The elated states of emotions reached while on drugs have their opposite corresponding feelings. What goes up must come down. They can leave you strung out, jittery, numbed, anxious, or despondent. Your emotional state affects your outlook on life. The choices you make as a drug user can have a huge effect on your emotions and thus who you believe you are. A vicious cycle can begin where you feel you need the drugs in order to feel confident, relaxed, focused or happy again. Those around you can also suffer due to your unstable emotions. The emotional roller coaster is not a fun ride.

Stress of Your financial Situation

Drugs cost money. Their effects on your health can be even more expensive and they also can make you unmotivated to work. Your chances of consistent employment become slimmer when you develop a bad drug habit especially if convicted for drug charges or related misdemeanors. If you are caught with illegal substances the legal cost can be enormous. Not to mention the lost income due to time spent in the legal system. Receiving money could become a trigger point and not having it could leave you feeling desperate and even willing to do things you would not ordinarily do. A lot of Addicts turn to selling illegal substances in order to support their habits; this temporary fix aggravates the problem by increasing your access and supply of the substance. Also in the murky world of drug deals there are no guarantees, you can’t call the police if you are ripped off.

Avoid The Lows and Seek Help

The very temporary and unsubstantial highs of drugs have very real and long lasting lows. Avoiding hitting those low patches in life can be done. An Inpatient drug rehab is the perfect place to learn how to deal with your situation and find balance. If you need help don’t hesitate, try Beachside rehab for confidential support.