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Addiction and Treatment – Nature vs. Nurture

Addiction, in any shape or form, is a complex disease and likewise so is addiction treatment. Doctors use special care when administrating addiction treatment by taking a thorough look for the source of the addiction so that they can make an accurate diagnosis. A question that is often asked by many people is whether addiction runs in your genes.

Research shows that the factors leading to addiction are two-fold: Half the responsibility can be attributed to your environment while the other half is hereditary. Once both these factors are given equal consideration, addiction treatment becomes an easier process. Nature and nurture both play an important role in the process of addiction:

Nature and Nurture

The nurture aspect is centered on your background and current surroundings. Being immersed in an environment that encourages substance abuse works as a trigger. The degree to which this trigger is effective is linked to your genetic make-up, which would determine your vulnerability. In this way nurture and nature create a union. If your genetic make-up is built with you being vulnerable and you are in an environment where substances are frequently abused, you would have a higher likelihood toward addiction. It is this situation that leaves us with the question of whether or not addiction is in your genes.


Studies show that there is a 40-60% chance that addiction is in your genes. If you think about addiction as any other disease, diabetes for example, the genetic element becomes clearer. Your vulnerability depends largely on your genetic variation. In other words the sequencing of your DNA has a direct impact on how much you may be at risk. The more at risk you are the more susceptible you will be to addiction. Understanding the role genetic variation plays is important in understanding the addiction treatment process as it helps to open up the possibility for early diagnosis.

Help is at Hand

No addiction is too difficult to deal with; anyone can be helped. The choice of treatment may be a difficult one to make but once decided it is impossible to do without an external helping hand. It is a transitional process which requires an approach that meets you where your need is. A rehabilitation facility that prioritizes you as an individual and has a holistic approach would be ideal. The appeal of Beachside Rehab is our well-rounded approach to addiction treatment. Because addiction has many facets, a treatment facility that understands both the biology and the context of their patient is important.

Holistic Treatment

The mind and body are often treated as separate entities. At Beachside Rehab we understand that the two cannot be polarized; recovery for both is necessary for successful sobriety. Our treatment takes you through the steps of diagnosis, detoxification, rehabilitation, and outpatient. While in our program, an emphasis is placed on nutrition and fitness for a complete recovery. The mind and soul are not neglected; counseling and therapy are prioritized to ensure a holistic recovery.

Although research may point toward the high risk of vulnerability in some people, it is vital to remember that your genes do not dictate your destiny. Contact us right away for more information about our addiction treatment program.