Benefits of Non Local Addiction Treatment 

They say that the hardest part of addiction treatment is actually admitting that there is a problem. While this is one of the biggest steps that will be taken toward recovery, deciding which addiction rehab facility to attend can be just as hard to do. There are so many elements to this decision that need to be taken into consideration (such as cost, duration and type of treatment), but by far one of the most important choices to make will be in deciding whether to attend a rehab center close to home or not. Making this choice is not an easy task as there are benefits to remaining local, however, before you decide that staying close to home is the better option you may want to consider the following reasons why going further afield for treatment could be the key element toward a successful recovery.

Removal From an Already Toxic Environment
By far one of the biggest advantages of going to an out of state addiction treatment center is the ability to remove yourself or loved one away from what is a toxic environment to them. Attending an addiction treatment program at a center out of state negates temptations to return to familiar yet unhealthy surroundings and destructive behavior. Whether the treatment plan is short term or long term, distancing oneself from a toxic environment (and the unhealthy relationships that exist therein) for the duration of treatment has proven to be one of the most effective recovery methods available.

Distraction Free Zone
Deciding to choose an out of state treatment center will give you or your loved one the chance to completely surrender all of the peripheral factors and pressures that encumber life and make giving up an addiction even more difficult. By limiting the distractions of family, friends, work and life in general one is able to separate from the worries and stresses of life at home and is forced to focus solely on the underlying cause of addiction and recovery.

Eliminate the Temptation to Walk Away
It is no secret that the road to recovery is a difficult one. Deciding to go to an addiction treatment center and receive help is most often a voluntary decision. Therefore if a patient decides they want to leave rehab before their treatment is complete they can do so very easily. There are many temptations that could make a person want to leave rehab, some of which include a “brief” return to their original environment, or falling prey to peer pressure through the coaxing of a friend to leave. The further away from distractions like these that a rehab facility is, the less tempting it will be for a person to leave treatment mid way. Sometimes when an apprehensive person enters rehab they will go through a number of uncomfortable and difficult emotions or phases before they fully embrace recovery. This is often the trigger that will cause them to give up on treatment, especially if the comforts of home and loved ones are close by. While it may not seem like it now, distance can be just the barrier that you or your loved one will need to keep you in rehab and on path toward recovery.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Addiction and recovery is a personal and sensitive subject that is unique to the individual and should be respected as such. There are many reasons why people may want to keep their addiction and recovery confidential – be it professional, personal or social. A lot of research has been done into the effect that privacy and confidentiality has over people seeking treatment for substance abuse. Results have shown that people who are not continually worried about being recognized or having their identities revealed experience a far more beneficial and effective recovery process and move through treatment far easier. Having a sense of privacy and confidentiality when in rehab is likely to relieve you or your loved one of the stresses of their professional, social or personal careers being tarnished or even destroyed by their addiction. Attending rehab away from familiar areas will greatly diminish the risk of having your or your loved ones identity and addiction compromised by people who may recognize you or your loved one in rehab.

Hopefully, you will now have a better understanding of why choosing to remain local or go further afield is such an important decision when it comes to treating your addiction. If you have any further concerns or queries about substance abuse and rehabilitation do not hesitate to contact Beachside Rehab today.