Possible Options for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many alcoholics believe that they control their “habits”, because if it’s controllable it is not an addiction. However, once they try to stop their alcohol consumption that is when they realize that they have a problem. This realization is the first of many alcohol addiction treatment steps that an addict has to take, to overcome his or her addiction. You need to realize and admit that you have a problem before you can attempt to solve it.

There are various treatment options available such as:

Inpatient Rehab:
These are centers that basically create a live-in community for people who are struggling with their addiction. You are able to overcome your addiction with the help of trained professionals and medical personnel. Generally you check in at an inpatient rehab center for a set period of time – but depending on the severity of your addiction, you could be there for longer than 30 days. A great rehab center will ensure that you’re supervised 24/7 while still giving you the freedom you need. You’ll undergo group and individual therapy on a daily or weekly basis, as well as attend various programs that are created to aid you in freeing yourself from your addiction.

Outpatient Rehab:
Outpatient rehab is similar to inpatient rehab treatment programs with one major difference. You’re not living in a secure, monitored community. You return to your own home after treatment and basically need to monitor yourself and stop yourself from going off the bandwagon. There is a lot more freedom of movement involved, so you’re not completely separated from friends, family or work. You can attend rehab while still maintaining all your usual commitments. Here you’ll have a support network of other patients and mandatory therapy sessions (both individually and with your family). You’ll even have sponsors from within your support group who will be able to guide you through your recovery process.

Detoxification is an important process in your treatment plan but you need to ensure that while detoxing you are simultaneously attending individual, group and family therapy sessions to achieve your ultimate goal of overcoming your substance abusing. You will experience many different side effects and to varying degrees. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sweating
  • Mild anxiety
  • queasiness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

Psychological approaches:
Here are some possible topics that will be addressed during this type of alcohol addiction treatment plan:

1. Assess the costs associated with drinking

  • Does it affect your relationships?
  • Do you feel like you need to drink to be likable?
  • Does it affect your self esteem?
  • Do you feel mentally and physically fit?
  • Does it constantly affect your better judgment?

2. Set your drinking goals and prepare for this change by checking into rehab

  • Get rid of all temptations
  • Announce your goal to family members and close friends, so that they may support you during this transitional phase. Remove all bad influences from your life
  • Be aware of your limits – know when you will be tempted and remove yourself from those situations.

3. Focus on an appropriate nutrition and fitness regime, to ensure you stay on track to your better lifestyle.

It is vital that you find a treatment center that not only caters to your specific needs but one that also understands that your environment must be suited to all who make use of it. Find the right treatment plan for you. You need to be willing to make sacrifices in order to ensure that you have a 100% chance of freeing yourself and your family from your alcohol addiction. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll stop.