Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers are Open to Everyone

Alcohol addiction is one of the most prevalent addictions in the United States. It affects the young and old, the poor and the wealthy. Alcohol addiction pervades the sufferer’s life – intrinsic factors like the mind and the body as well as extrinsic factors like finances, work, and family and friends are all hurt and damaged by addiction. With the recent success of the television show ‘Mad Men’ – which portrays alcohol and smoking in a very glamourous light – and the actor, Jon Hamm, who plays the lead character making news for attending alcohol addiction, we look into alcohol addiction and it’s widespread and impartial, unbiased, impersonal, and unprejudiced hold on our country.

How Common Is Alcohol Dependence?
Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in the United States with approximately 51.5% of the entire country being regular drinkers. But the burden of addiction is much greater than imagined, with approximately one in every twelve adults suffering from alcohol dependence – that equals something close to 17.6 million US citizens struggling with this addiction.

It Can Happen to Anyone
Addiction is non-discriminatory; it affects people across ethnicity, profession, education level, and environment. A good example of this is the pressure and prevalence of addiction and rehab in the lives of celebrities. Recently, actor Jon Hamm completed a 30-day alcohol rehabilitation program just before the release of the seventh season of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’. In this 60’s drama, Hamm plays Don Draper – an advertising executive renowned for his own intimate relationship with alcohol. Some like to call the coincidence, “art imitating life”.

Alcohol addiction shouldn’t be something you hide from. You may even feel ashamed, guilty or even chose to blatantly ignore the problem. But it is important that you are not too afraid to take the first step toward sobriety. Even celebrities who are constantly in the public eye take the time to seek the help they need by attending alcohol rehabilitation centers to help take back control of their lives.

Where Can I Go for Help?
There are some people who really struggle with achieving abstinence – let alone maintaining it; some much more than others and that’s okay. As mentioned previously, there are many rehabs, groups and organizations that are all well-equipped to guide you on your path – however winding – to a better, liberated lifestyle. Alcohol rehabilitation centers, like Beachside Rehab, offer various treatment plans of varying lengths to best suit you and your personality as well as the severity of your dependence.

How Can They Help?
The programs offered by these rehabilitation centers involve detoxification supervised and aided by medical professionals, physical rehabilitation, and counselling both individually and in larger AA-type groups. They are aimed at the cleansing and renewing of your body, mind, and soul – the perfect recipe for a successful rehabilitation and long term sobriety.

It takes real courage to accept and admit how dependent you may be on alcohol or how it may be affecting your life. Taking the step toward rehab is the most important step for your and your family’s future. Contact Beachside today if you have any questions about alcohol, alcohol addiction or dependence, or the treatment programs on offer.