Know What To Expect When Heading to Rehab

Making the decision to go to alcohol rehab is a big deal. You might be full of anxiety and wonder what to expect once you get there. Often knowing what to expect from the treatment and the facility itself, can help ease the nervousness that accompanies heading to rehab.

Here are a few things you can expect when you head for treatment at an alcohol rfacility:

Medically Supervised Withdrawal — When getting sober at an alcohol facility you can rest assured that you will receive medical care through the withdrawal phase. Withdrawing from alcohol can be tough on a person’s body. In some cases, doctors will be required to prescribe medication, and alcohol cannot be cut out cold turkey. You will receive quality medical care at an alcohol rehab facility, with professionals guiding you through the detox phase.

No Temptations — No drugs or alcohol will be allowed on the premises. You will not be allowed to bring any in. There will be none available to you. You are there to get sober and the facility completely eliminates the temptation of you drinking by ensuring there is no alcohol around.

Counseling — Regardless of how long you have been addicted to alcohol or what substance you are addicted to, counseling will be a big part of your arehab experience. Whether it is individual counseling, group counseling sessions, or a combination of both, you will learn a lot through this part of your recovery. Whether understanding what happened to your body during your alcohol addiction, understanding what led you to alcohol in the first place, and/or helping you determine ways to help avoid relapsing in the future.

Peer Support — Another thing you can expect when you head to rehab is to be surrounded by peers who are in similar situations. Many people feel alone and isolated when battling an addiction. However, at a rehab center, you will find that many of your peers are in similar situations, fighting their own addictions and on their own journey to sobriety. You may also find that this peer support will help you during your own recovery.

What to Bring With You — When heading to rehabilitation, there are some general items that are accepted at most facilities. You will be able to bring your toiletries with you, including shampoo and soap. You will also be able to bring some clothing, including work out clothing, and a swimsuit if your facility has a pool or is located near a beach. You will be able to bring any prescription medicine that you might be prescribed, but all medication will be checked when you enter the facility. When in doubt, call the facility where you will be staying and double check what is permitted.

Knowing what to expect will prepare you for the work that needs to be done on the road to sobriety.