Drug Addiction Help: Tips to Prevent a Relapse

The beauty of going to rehab centers for help with your drug addiction is that you’ll meet genuine people who will care about you and take an active interest in your rehabilitation. You will partake in group therapy sessions and you will meet others, like yourself, who have succumbed to their addictions. You will find that together you’ll overcome your individual demons.

After rehab you will still continue going for weekly or monthly therapy sessions including attending support groups where you’ll meet and find a mentor. Eventually, provided that you stay clean, you’ll become a mentor to someone else. Mentors are like older siblings, you’ll have your differences but you know they are only looking out for you in the end. They’ll play an active part in your life after rehab and offer much needed drug addiction help, so at your support meeting find someone that seems to suit you. Remember that your sponsor won’t have all the answers and he or she should not be trying to force you to do anything (but stay sober). They will be one of the biggest factors to help prevent a relapse from happening.

A few other steps that you could take to stay sober include but are not limited to:
— Staying connected with sober friends and family who keep you grounded

  • They are your rock and foundation; chances are you went to rehab for them and because of them. Remember to be thankful that you have such wonderful people who care about you.

— Avoid places or activities that could lead you down the rabbit hole of temptation.

  • Avoid parties or social places where you know others will be using

— Try staying in a transitional living home after rehab as they implement random drug testing, a strict curfew, group therapy.

  • This is definitely not an easy task but it might help you avoid a relapse if you don’t have a strong willpower.

— If this doesn’t work try moving into a different area – one that doesn’t remind you of the “good old days” of drug use.

— Keep active – Boredom can trigger an addiction relapse.

  • Start running, hiking or even martial arts. Martial arts are disciplines of intense focus and concentration. This keeps your mind off of your addiction as well as tires you out to avoid any of the withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia or cravings. Your body and mind will be too tired to contemplate sourcing any product.

— Be thankful for your lot in life.

  • It may not seem like it, but you have something to be thankful for each and every day. Be thankful that you are attempting to break the cycle – many people aren’t strong enough or that. Take time to appreciate what others cannot.

If you ever feel like it is becoming too much for you and you need drug addiction help, phone your sponsor or a close family member. Let them talk you through it and give you the help that you need. Train and exercise until you can’t anymore and all your body wants to do is sleep. Then sleep it off. Afterwards, attend a group meeting, talk to others to find out how they’ve stopped themselves and tell them what you did. Be a better influence to others and you will find that you will be the best influence in your own life.