Drug Treatment: What Comes Next

You went to for drug treatment therapy and you got the help you needed. But now you’re wondering, what comes next? The next few months of your life are going to be a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. There will be some physical, emotional and mental changes occurring – all as you transition from being a heavy drug-user to a healthy and sober non-user. It definitely won’t be easy but to be completely cliché about it, it will definitely be worth it.

After leaving the drug treatment center, you need to be ready for some drastic changes in all facets of your life.

The Negative Effects of withdrawal:

Physical Changes

  • A decrease in your pain threshold level, as there is nothing that numbs the pain.
  • An increase in sweating while your body struggles to stabilize and adapt.
  • Palpitations
  • A tightness in the chest, you will feel as if you are unable to breathe
  • A general restlessness or itch that won’t seem to go away (I promise you – it does)
  • A general lethargy towards life
  • A decrease in your appetite
  • Nausea or diarrhea
  • Other flu-like symptoms – weak and aching body parts, headaches

Psychological and Mental Changes

  • You will be more anxious around other people or in social situations. You will even have episodes where you may be completely alone and will all of a sudden suffer from anxiety.
  • You will be irritable and moody as well as suffer from insomnia.
  • You will not be able to focus for any productive period of time

The Positive Effects of clean sober living:

Physical Changes

  • Your sense of smell and taste will return and get better
  • All your cravings will subside
  • The feeling of restlessness goes away
  • You find you have higher natural energy levels
  • Your immune system is now stronger and can fight disease better
  • Some drugs destroy certain parts of your body (e.g. heroin depletes bone density, when you quit using, your bone density will build itself up again – with some help. Heroin also damages your lungs and suppresses involuntary reactions such as coughing, so when you quit you will find that your lungs will start working better and you can breathe better)

Psychological and Mental Changes

  • You will no longer feel anxious or depressed
  • You can focus for longer periods of time with a clear head
  • You are able to build healthy relationships
  • Less stress
  • You will experience the greatest sense of achievement as you gain control of your life and build your confidence to whole new levels without the use of narcotics.
  • You may even find a new or better side to your personality that you never knew existed

Other Changes

  • Save money instead of spending it on drugs
  • Find and maintain a good job
  • More time – or at least you won’t find that you “lose” time during a trip
  • You become social again

There will be changes and challenges you will face; be it physical, emotional or mental but the benefits to your life and well-being after going for drug treatment is an indescribable thing. You’ll face withdrawal symptoms, and sometimes even suffer from insomnia; you’ll face your actions that you made without coherent thought and feel guilty but always remember to keep things in perspective. Eventually, you’ll feel like you’ve not only taken on the world, but you’ll feel like you’ve done it and won.