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There is no generic treatment for addiction. However, if you or a loved one is going to attend substance abuse rehab, there are a few basics you want to know. Learn more about rehab with our list of frequently asked questions from clients and families.

Do I Really Need Substance Abuse Rehab?

Addiction is a chronic disease with habitual, compulsive behaviors. Addicts tend to continue their substance abuse even when they know how bad it is for them. If you have tried to say ‘no’, tried to detoxify and get clean on your own but cannot make the commitment, then it’s time for rehab.

Learn more about the signs of addiction from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Treatment needs to be individualized for each patient. However, most rehab facilities offer similar programs: inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. Each has its own advantages.

Inpatient treatment requires you to stay at the facility for a period of time, usually through detox followed by psychological treatment to stabilize the patient. In inpatient programs, you are removed from a potentially harmful environment where you have access to substances. Inpatient programs offer the safety of around-the-clock monitoring and immediate medical assistance.

Once you are stable and sober, outpatient treatment offers continued support. This means living at home, but attending regular therapy sessions at a rehab facility. Outpatient programs help patients manage the stresses and triggers of returning to their everyday lives.

Intensive outpatient treatment is somewhere between the two. Patients can live at the facility or at home, and attend therapy numerous times a week. Intensive outpatient programs may also aid patients with their résumé, and school or job applications. This program offers extensive support, helping patients reintegrate into society.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

There is no set time period for rehabilitation. Most programs range from 30 to 90 days, depending on the patient’s needs.

Because addiction is a chronic disease, treatment is always an ongoing process. Even once the patient has been sober and clean for a long period of time, it’s recommended that they continue with support practices like outpatient treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The costs of treatment also vary depending on what kind of program the patient attends, and whether they opt for in-state or out-of-state treatment. Fortunately, addiction treatment is covered or partially covered by most major insurance companies.

What Therapies are Offered?

Nowadays, treatment includes individual therapy as well as group therapy sessions. Many facilities also offer dual diagnosis and treatment, trauma therapy, family therapy, and relapse prevention.

At Beachside Rehab, we take a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. We also incorporate art therapy, as well as exercise, yoga, meditation, and healthy eating into our treatment plans. These additional techniques make it easier for patients to stay on track after leaving our facilities.

How Often Will I See a Doctor?

This depends on your program and the extent of your addiction, but during inpatient treatment, you’ll see a medical professional daily.

What About My Family During Rehab?

Having a loving community is one of the best support systems for patients. Families are encouraged to visit, and can also attend family therapy with the patient.

For more information about different treatment options, insurance coverage, or other concerns, please contact Beachside Rehab.