drug treatment centerIf you or a loved one is in need of drug and alcohol rehab, you obviously want the best drug treatment center for them. Maybe you want rehab close to home with scheduling and prices that suit your needs. Whatever your decision making process, it is vitally important to understand what constitutes top quality care in a rehab center because rehab can only be successful if it has certain characteristics.

Without these four important tenets in place, rehab becomes a waste of money and precious time – and it will not work.

1. Personalized Treatment

Any rehab center worth its salt will reiterate this point endlessly.

There is no magic rehab treatment that will work for everyone.

If you speak with a drug treatment facility and they tell you that their method is the only method that works – look elsewhere. A truly custom-built program is the only path to success in rehab. It’s a cart before the horse situation. A patient’s needs and experience must be taken into consideration before designing any program. Folks are drawn into addictive behaviors for many reasons so we need many approaches to treatment.

The external factors that lead to addiction are unique to each person and should form the skeletal structure of the treatment administered.

2. Access to Medical Detox Techniques

Physical addiction to a drug is a hard habit to break and usually requires a medical detox plan administered by trained medical professionals. In particular, opiate addiction can be treated with drugs such as buprenorphine, Naltrexone and methadone. Methadone and buprenorphine are typically used as maintenance therapies, and they reduce cravings for opiates. There are also medications for alcohol addiction. Disulfiram (also called Antabuse) produces a nasty physical reaction when drinking alcohol and helps to avoid abuse.

3. Long-term Inpatient Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab (and sobriety) can be open-ended projects. A good rehab center should offer you the chance to extend your time in treatment. Three to seven days of alcohol and drug rehab may not be enough, and early exits from programs can result in recidivism. Top class rehab is seamless, customizable, and only ends when you are ready.

Long-term inpatient treatment gives people time to excavate and face the causes of addiction and can break the cycle of dependence safely.

4. Well Rounded Therapy Options

One-on-one therapy sessions are an essential tool in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. A well-rounded treatment center often offers additional therapies – such as group treatment and experiential therapy, including hiking, music and the arts. When a person engages in a custom-tailored recovery plan, they can isolate the underlying causes of their addiction and get closer to sobriety quicker.

When a person engages in a custom-tailored recovery plan, they can isolate the underlying causes of their addiction and get closer to sobriety quicker. Learn how we can design a treatment plan that is as unique as you are. Call us today at 866-349-1770.