After months of lockdown, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to seek in-person addiction care. And if you are ready to leave your home, how can you choose a rehab center that will prioritize your health and safety amid the pandemic?

Here, we explore features to look for in a post-pandemic rehab center so you can get the help you need in a safe and secure environment.

Thorough Disinfection and Hygiene Guidance

Addiction treatment centers are hygienic health care facilities that are committed to the highest levels of sanitization. Since the pandemic, that commitment has only grown, with more frequent disinfection of high-touch areas. Rehab centers must also review their cleaning service contracts to ensure their service providers are being held to the highest standard. As you look for a safe place to go to rehab, ask about the systems they have put in place to ensure your safety and well-being.

Enhanced Screening Protocols

Rehab centers can help prevent the spread of infection by conducting pre-admission screenings and administering COVID-19 tests to each individual. In addition, treatment centers must follow regular temperature- and symptom-screening protocols for all clients and staff. Anyone with a fever or other symptoms that suggest COVID-19 must be quarantined or relocated.

With rigorous screening protocols in place, the facility can continue to provide individualized addiction treatment in a safe, sanitized space. The results of all screenings and tests must be kept confidential to safeguard each individual’s privacy.

Sufficient Supplies of PPE

Rehab centers must utilize and monitor patient care supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer. In addition, treatment centers should routinely check all personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure secure storage. Personal protective equipment refers to specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials. Types of PPE used in health care settings include gloves to protect the hands; gowns/aprons to protect the skin and/or clothing; masks to protect the mouth and nose; respirators to protect the respiratory tract from airborne infectious agents; goggles to protect the eyes; and face shields to protect the face, mouth, nose, and eyes.

Social Distancing Measures

Many rehab centers are implementing social distancing measures for clients and staff to ensure the utmost safety. That may mean that individuals must maintain six feet of distance between them. When such distancing is not possible, the use of masks may be mandated to prevent the spread of infection from the mouth and nose.

Programs must be adapted to comply with these social distancing guidelines. As you seek treatment, consider a rehab center that offers therapy sessions and activities outdoors, where the risk of viral spread is reduced.

Restricted Client Visitation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, rehab visitation has been suspended to ensure the safety of each client and family member, as well as the staff. This has been a necessary step in order to comply with federal and state regulations to reduce the risks associated with the novel coronavirus.

As the situation evolves, restrictions may be eased to allow visitation, but with masks, social distancing, and limited hours. Guidelines will depend on the policies and the location of the treatment center. As you seek treatment, ask about updated visitation policies to ensure the facility is taking the proper precautions to prioritize your physical and emotional health.

Well-Trained Staff

When you go to rehab, you will encounter caring, compassionate professionals who are trained to treat addiction and deal with its root causes. Throughout the pandemic, addiction specialists have also received rigorous training to equip them with effective strategies for infection prevention and control. Staff members must monitor the latest CDC guidelines to ensure compliance, and regularly communicate with the local health department to receive community-specific updates. As you look for a safe rehab center, ask about staff training to ensure that it is comprehensive and up-to-date.

In the end, it is safer to go to rehab than to let addiction go unchecked. With a rehab center taking care of the details, you can seek treatment with confidence and focus on your journey to recovery.

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Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash