Why You Should Not Go Through Drug Detox on Your Own

If you are battling an addiction to drugs, and have been for an extended period of time, you should not go through drug detox on your own. Instead, you should be under the care of medical professionals who can safely wean your body off of drugs and care for you during the withdrawal period.

Dangers of Withdrawal

Violent behavior — When going through drug detox from certain drugs, it can produce severe moods swings and even violent behavior in some people. You do not want to go through drug detox at home and become dangerous to your friends and family. Instead, going through this phase of treatment at an inpatient drug rehab will ensure you have the appropriate medical professionals and staff on hand to keep you safe during drug detox.

Mental Health Issues — Those suffering a drug addiction and who also may have a mental health issue may exhibit erratic behavior through drug detox. It is imperative that those with dual diagnosis go through drug detox under professional care. Also, most drug rehabs will perform a mental health assessment on patients who check into drug rehab. This could indicate any potential mental health issues and potential erratic behavior.

Physical Symptoms — Depending on the drug that you are detoxing from, you will likely experience some physical symptoms as you go through drug detox. Anything from sweating, heart palpitations, and breathing issues. When you go through detox at a professional facility, they will make sure you stay as comfortable as possible through withdrawal.

Psychological Symptoms — Drug detox also brings with it a variety of psychological symptoms. As your body sheds itself of drugs, it is likely that you may feel some of these potential symptoms: anxiety, irritability and mood changes, insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly, and depression. Again, medical professionals will help oversee any types of psychological symptoms that you might suffer.

Dangerous Symptoms — While the physical and psychological symptoms that can accompany drug detox can be uncomfortable and feel overwhelming, there are even more serious symptoms to worry about. It is absolutely essential to go through drug detox around medical professionals who know how to manage any serious health threats. The dangerous symptoms are even more intensified if you are withdrawing from alcohol, as well as drugs. They can include seizures, heart attacks, hallucinations, strokes and more.

Don’t go through drug detox on your own. Medical professionals are able to use medications, when necessary, to help patients safely withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. Detox is the first essential step in the rehab process.