woman sitting in fall leaves

Climate and location are two very important, interconnected elements that you need to consider when choosing a substance abuse rehab facility. Certain locations have specific climates that may not be conducive to the recovery process, while other locations’ peace and tranquillity is necessary to start on the path to sobriety.

Climate and Mental Health

Many studies have shown that there is a strong connection between climate and mental health. One of the most significant of these studies was the discovery of Seasonal Affective Disorder, more appropriately known as SAD. It is thought that more people experience bouts of depression during late autumn and winter when the weather becomes colder and drearier and is thought to be related to a decrease in light during these months. Most people will say that they prefer summer to winter, and going to the beach versus trudging through rain, so it makes sense that some people are more affected than others. We now know that some people just become a little sad during the colder months, while others actively get SAD.

So how does this affect those going through the rehab experience? Simply put, mental health is an integral part of the recovery process. Most people can experience quite dramatic mood swings as they recover from an addiction, so any type of external influence should be prevented, if possible. During the recovery process, patients will undergo very serious changes in brain chemistry, which often results in depression or anxiety. Consequently, attempting to begin upon the path of recovery during winter months can be much more difficult than during the summer. Climate plays a very important role in the process of drug treatment.

Location and Surroundings

Location and climate or directly linked to one another, as certain locations have specific climates. Going outside and connecting with nature is very important while trying to recover from an addiction, as it has positive effects on mood and allows patients to feel more at peace with their surroundings. Consequently, if a rehab facility is located in the middle of a noisy city, it may become harder for patients to recover. Rehab facilities need to be located in tranquil, natural environments that are clean and surrounded by plants. It has been proven that dirty, industrial environments affect mental health and can lead to depression. Moreover, city-based rehabs that are surrounded by noise can make patients anxious, and will certainly interrupt therapy processes.

Treatments centers are supposed to be safe havens that remove recovering addicts from their environments and place them into a safe, secure location where they can begin recovering and piecing their lives back together without interruption or external stress.

Beachside Rehab is located on the beautiful Hutchinson Island and is the idyllic place to begin recovering from any type of addiction. Moreover, we are also located in the sunny state of Florida, an almost tropical state where nature abounds. If you ever feel that life is overwhelming you, and realize you need help with your addiction, please do not hesitate to contact us.