The Benefits of Luxury Rehab During the Holidays

Making the choice to leave all that is familiar to you, including your family and friends, to enter a drug and alcohol rehab is not always easy. Making this choice during the holidays is even more difficult. But know this: Luxury rehab is the biggest holiday gift you can give yourself, and the ones you love.

Avoid Holiday Triggers

Being in luxury rehab helps you avoid the typical places, people, or events that provoke your desire to turn to drugs or alcohol. Absent are the sights and sounds and traditions that can prompt unwanted memories and push someone toward unhealthy behaviors.

The safe, healthy environment of holistic rehab at this charged time of year creates an opportunity to deal with the feelings that arise during the holidays separate from the experience of them, setting you up for success once you leave in-patient treatment.

Minimize Temptations

Holidays are filled with togetherness and revelry, food and drink. Celebrations can include an excess of everything, and that kind of environment is dangerous for anyone who struggles with addiction. Many people who are in recovery—or wish to be in recovery—find their determination to avoid the acceptable overconsumption associated with this time of year difficult.

Starting luxury rehab during the holidays allows people to adjust to a new, sober lifestyle without negative influences or easy access to the substances that could derail their journey.

Meet Likeminded Souls

When you’re in luxury rehab, you are certainly not there by yourself. Your journey to sobriety may feel like a massive one-person effort, but you will not be lonely or isolated in holistic rehab during the holidays. Though you will not have your normal crew with you, there will be friendly and supportive staff and your peers in recovery who will help you through this challenging time of newfound sobriety.

By making the sacrifice to skip your usual holiday plans to help yourself get sober, you create a new blueprint for yourself and your loved ones so you have many magical holidays to come when you will all be together and healthy.

Use Your Vacation Time

If you have managed to maintain your employment while juggling addiction, this is the time of year when many people choose to take time off. If you have avoided holistic rehab because you didn’t want your boss, coworkers, or clients to know your plans, this time of year is a great excuse to put in the work on an extended “vacation.”

When you have the leave, sick days, or use-it-or-lose-it days off, take advantage of them. Check into rehab at the most unsuspecting time of year, work on yourself, and maintain your privacy.

Give an Ongoing Gift

When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the people in your life suffer greatly. They worry about your well-being and experience stress, anxiety, and guilt. The holidays compound any negative emotion and wrap it up in nostalgia and a wish that things could be different.

Your family and friends would feel incredible relief knowing that you are in a safe space, doing life-altering work to rid your body of substances and achieve sobriety. Celebrating every holiday after this one—and doing it sober—is an ongoing gift to the people you love.

Gift Yourself

It may seem inconvenient and perhaps even selfish to absent yourself from your family at what is supposed to be one of the most festive times of the year. However, think about how many of these holidays you remember fully—has your dependence on alcohol or drugs blotted out the true flashbacks to the good things that happened during this season? Has anything good happened for a long while?

Making the choice to improve yourself for the sake of the ones of you love is the most selfless gift you can give. In luxury rehab, you will receive gentle care in thorough detox and intense support and therapy as you work through the reasons you have an addiction. Learn how to live life anew, with hope and joy for the future.

Luxury rehab can be your gift, your wish, your resolution. Rely on the therapeutic team at Beachside Rehab for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. Contact our trained admissions counselors at 866-349-1770 to discuss your individual needs and how luxury rehab can work for you.

Photo by Dejan Zakic on Unsplash