woman experiencing drug detox processChange is frightening, and because detoxing means change, it’s naturally a scary thing for addicts to face. But detox is an integral first step on the road to sobriety, and if you’ve decided that it’s time to get clean, then you’re going to have to face this fear sooner or later. The thing about detox is that it’s a lot like any other fear: when you examine it closely, there’s really very little to be afraid of. If you are at a crossroads and have decided you want to get clean, here are four tips to help you overcome your fear of the detox process.

1. Determine What You’re Really Afraid Of

There are lots of things that make people afraid of detoxification, and pinpointing the source of your fear is the first step to conquering it. Some of the common fears people share before detox include being afraid of:

  • Withdrawal
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Losing your old life
  • Saying goodbye to old friends
  • Misery when sober
  • Not knowing who you are

2. Remind Yourself That Detox Isn’t as Bad as You May Think

Not wanting to go through withdrawal is a huge obstacle for many people who want to get clean. After all, you’ve heard the horror stories and know how bad it’s going to be, right? Maybe not. Let’s go over the most common withdrawal symptoms that happen when you detox: nausea, vomiting, the sweats, aches and pains, trouble sleeping, fever, anxiety, sneezing, and a runny nose. Sound familiar? That’s because the symptoms of withdrawal aren’t usually much different from having the flu, and you’ve definitely survived that. Detox and withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant, but they are also manageable, and they only last a few days.

3. You Can Only Succeed if You Try

The fear of failure is another deterrent for a lot of people who want to try rehab because they focus too much on the fact that getting sober can mean the possibility of relapsing. If this is something that’s holding you back, then it’s important to remember that no decision in your life has ever been made with the certainty that you’d succeed. Failure is a part of life that everybody experiences, but it’s only the attempt that will ever give you the possibility of succeeding and reaching your goals.

4. Remember That Getting Sober Will Give You Back Your Life

Many people are also afraid of detoxing during inpatient rehab because they’re afraid of what life will be like when they’re sober again. For many people, this means being afraid that they’ll be miserable, that they’ll have to say goodbye to all their old friends, and that they won’t be the fun and outgoing person they are now. But contrary to what you’re feeling at the moment, getting sober won’t take your life away—it will give it back to you. Getting clean will give you an opportunity to find out who you really are, to discover new interests, and to create a healthy new life for yourself with goals, healthy relationships, and hope for the future.

Fear should never stop you from doing anything that you want to do, and this is especially true when it comes to something as positive and life-changing as detox. The detox process is your key to a clean and healthy future, and nothing should stand in your way of achieving that. No matter what it is you’re afraid of, just remember that you’ve faced and survived worse and that you’re going to come out the other side of this a brand new person with new hopes, new dreams, and a new lease on life. 

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