How Does A Drug Detox Center Help?

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What are Drug Detox Centers?

A drug detox center serves as the first step to addiction treatments. This is the period that our patients can remove harmful drugs and alcohol from their body and start the path to a clean recovery. During this time, patients are medically supervised to keep patients safe and comfortable throughout this process. Medical assistance may be provided to alleviate pain and symptoms brought on by severe withdrawals. Therapy and wellness are also key elements of our drug detox center at Beachside.

How a Drug Detox Center Can Help

Detox centers like ours are carefully designed to provide patients a safe space to detox from drugs and alcohol. We also teach patients how to live a clean life, not just ridding the body of substances. The right detoxification program can ease your physical withdrawal symptoms and provide you with the medical assistance you need by creating strategic actions to help you detox. Through medical evaluation, personalized stabilization plans and preparing you for entry to treatment, Beachside’s Detox facility can help you face addiction head-on.


A key element to a drug detox center is the ability to have a staff that can perform full intake evaluations. When a patient enters a drug detox center, they are guided through an intake process to help develop a healthy detox plan. During this process, patients are asked a series of questions to determine the specific details regarding their drug or alcohol use.  These questions help our staff understand the severity of the addiction and help determine specific detox requirements.

Also, during the evaluation stage, patients are evaluated for additional current health problems like undernourishment or dehydration —both are important to understand before starting a detox treatment.


Drug detox centers also allow 24-hour stabilization support during the hardest times of detox. The dangers of detox for all severe drug and alcohol users are significant enough that detoxification should never be attempted at home. An abrupt stop of drug and alcohol use often causes seizures, heart attacks, strokes, and, in the worst cases, even death.

At Beachside Rehab, we believe in a holistic plan that addresses your needs for any drug treatment to be effective. Therefore, we have a trained staff of medical professionals to help administer MAT medications and proper therapy techniques. MAT, coupled with our combination of therapies and activities, can help lessen the effects of withdrawals.

The length of time required for detox is completely dependent on the individual and their specific needs in treatment. Some of these factors include how long the addiction has lasted, how severe and the amount consumed during addiction, and the method of abuse (injections, inhalation, etc.). Most detox programs are designed to take 30 days, however, if more time is needed, we recommend staying longer.

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Prepping for Entry Into a Recovery Program

Once the physical withdrawal symptoms begin to diminish, patients will begin their personalized detox treatment plan. This treatment plan may include a combination of therapy and activities such as beach walks, gym access, and mediation to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Taking part in these activities helps clients gain self-esteem and create supportive bonds with their peers.

Once detoxification is complete, clients are then free to address the psychological symptoms of addiction and move forward with a happy and clean life. Detoxing is always the first step of any recovery program since it provides such a stable and strong foundation to base recovery offers.

The Detox Center at Beachside

Our goal at Beachside Rehab is to offer a detoxification program that addresses the personal needs of someone who has been living with chemical dependency. We do this by offering a detox treatment that is characterized by the absence of judgment and offers compassion. Our holistic approach to detox allows for positive relationships and focuses on the mind, body, and soul of our patients.

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