The Matrix Model

Beachside Rehab Seeks Certification in the Matrix Model

As part of our continual desire to give the best services available, Beachside Rehab is a certified provider of the Matrix Model Program. The Matrix Model is an evidence-based treatment program that includes support for both the patient and their loved ones in overcoming addiction.

The Matrix Model is an intensive outpatient treatment that uses multiple strategies to combat addiction and create a framework to continue recovery past treatment. The Matrix Model allows patients to understand themselves and their habits with clinically-researched strategies that have been proven effective in preventing relapse.

As Beachside is one of the first certified Matrix Model facilities in Florida, patients and families can rest assured that we are committed to providing safe and reliable methods to combat drug and alcohol addiction.

Why Choose the Matrix Model?

The Matrix Model is a federally recognized model of treatment for substance abuse. It provides a multi-elemental approach that combines individual, group, and family therapy with evidence-based treatment programs to provide a framework for relapse prevention.

Program Components Include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Early Recovery Skills Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Family Education Groups
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Urine/Breathe Tests
  • Relapse Analysis
  • Social Support
By forming structure and guidance, the Matrix Model has been proven to not only help stop addiction but to also prevent relapses. The Matrix Model works because patients do not seek treatment alone. By involving their family and group sessions, patients are aided in moving through the stages of recovery and encouraged to continue the lifestyle changes post-treatment.
Beachside's medical detox center is located near pristine beaches

Choose Beachside Rehab

Trying to quit drugs or alcohol without medical help is nearly impossible. With a team of board-certified physicians, counselors, and trained staff on your side, Beachside Rehab can help you or your loved one overcome addiction.

Additionally, we offer a full range of evidence-based treatment programs, including a medical detox facility. We can safely help patients from the moment they decide to detox all the way through outpatient therapy. We believe in treating the patient holistically, inclusive of their familial relationships.

As we are one of the first certified rehab facility for the Matrix Model in Florida, we are uniquely positioned to help patients find freedom from addiction permanently.

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