Medical Detox Facility

Visit Beachside’s Medical Detox Facility for a Safe Detox

Safely cleanse your body of existing toxins from drug or alcohol abuse with the help of our 24-hour professionally-trained staff at our medical detox center.

Our medical detox facility offers a wide range of care designed to provide supportive withdrawal management 24/7 with the help of our full-time staff of doctors and nurses.

Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable during withdrawal while providing a strong foundation for building a new, healthy life.

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Who needs medical detox?

Anyone who has a severe physical dependency on drugs or alcohol and experiences extreme withdrawal symptoms could need medical supervision to detox.

Substances commonly requiring detoxes include heroin, prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines (psychoactive drugs), and alcohol.

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Dangers of Self Detox

Benzodiazepines and alcohol detoxes are some of the most dangerous to go through alone and could be life-threatening. With a medical detox facility, you have experienced medical staff by your side to oversee safe detoxification.

A drug or alcohol detox center can provide you with:

  • A safe environment to prevent harm
  • Availability of detox medication
  • Constant medical supervision
  • Counseling and support
Beachside's medical detox center is located near pristine beaches

Why Beachside Detox

When trying to quit drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that stopping without help is often impossible. By allowing patients to detox under the supervision of medical professionals, we can ensure that our patients can rid themselves of the physical dependency symptoms of addiction.

Beachside strives to offer a fully comprehensive level of care allowing for our patients to visit one place for all their needs. Beachside Detox is located close to our rehab center and offers a seamless transition to our more extensive rehab program.

About Beachside’s Luxury Detox Facility

Beachside Detox is a separate residence from Beachside Rehab, where we offer a safe place to stay as the patient detoxes. Once the patient physically detoxes, they enter residential treatment. We then transition patients into therapy to allow them the time and treatment they need to rehabilitate in one location.

During spare time, patients can participate in activities like art, yoga, and meditation and have access to a massage therapist. We also provide television, movies, books, music, board games, and a gaming system in our community lounge.

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