Drug detox centers

Drug detox centers do not just help people physically recover from their addiction; they help people heal, spiritually and emotionally, with the added benefit of a fuller wallet.

Physical Benefits of Drug Detox Centers

The initial detox process is very physically challenging and takes a huge toll on an addict’s body. Coming off of drugs, especially hard drugs like heroin, can be potentially life-threatening and the process should be conducted in a proper medical environment. However, once all of the drugs have been removed from your system, your body will slowly begin to heal. Addictive substances have a hugely negative effect, and many addicts will find themselves suffering physical consequences during the throws of their addiction. It is not unusual for addicts to appear pale, gaunt and jittery.

After detoxing, recovering addicts begin to get their bodies back – they slowly lose the physical need for their drug of choice, regain their appetite and all in all begin to look healthier. Their brain chemistry will also begin to resort back to normal, and the health risks associated with drug addiction begin to decrease almost as soon as the drugs leave a patient’s system.

Emotional Benefits

Both addiction and recovery are processes littered with emotional ups and downs. Addicts frequently suffer mental health problems, either pre-existing or brought on by their addiction. Going through a rehab process and coming off of drugs will allow recovering addicts to deal with their mental health problems in a safe environment, and help prevent them from relapsing. Detoxing also forces patients to deal with any emotional trauma head-on, as past experiences are often the cause of drug addiction. It allows recovering addicts to let go of these traumas and move forward with their lives in a way that addiction never allowed them to.

Detoxing your life also means detoxing your relationships, and coming to terms with the fact that you may have to remove yourself from any emotionally taxing relationships or situations. But thankfully, you’ll always have the support of the people around you, as recovery teaches you who your true friends are.

Financial Benefits

Most addicts struggle to financially support their addictions and often resort to selling their belongings or even become criminals to pay for their next hit. So it’s safe to say that addiction is not financially feasible, or at least not for most people.

Quitting drugs has serious financial benefits, and the material ramifications are always positive. If you’re not spending money on drugs, you have more money to spend on other things, like a trip to the spa or a ticket to the movies.

Spiritual Benefits

People who become addicted to drugs very rarely have anything else on their minds, and thus have no time to connect with the people around them. When you detox, you allow yourself to focus on your body and mind. Rehabs often encourage a more holistic to life after drugs, and, although there is no need to suddenly become religious, it is much easier to find inner peace without abusing substances.

Beachside’s Drug Detox Center

Our detox center helps clients through the pain and uncomfortable nature of detoxing in a safe, medical environment.Once detoxification is complete, clients are then free to address the psychological symptoms of addiction and move forward with a happy and sober life.

Detoxing is always the first step of any recovery program since it provides such a stable and strong foundation to base recovery on. If you or a loved one is seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction, please call us today 888-674-1321.