The Use of Homeopathic Medicine 

The treatments used for an effective drug detox range from medications to treat withdrawal symptoms, and in-patient counseling that aims to locate and understand the motivation for an individual’s drug abuse. Many people undergoing a cleanse feel the whole idea of taking drugs, like Methadone or Benzodiazepines, to get off drugs will not truly help them. Public interest in alternatives has surged in recent times, and it has now found a place in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Believed to be a more holistic approach to healing the body, there are several Homeopathic remedies that can be used. Homeopathy, however, has its critics, and it’s possible that extreme withdrawal from heavy drugs may require drastic medications and treatments to keep the patient alive. If you or a loved one have tried and failed, to cleanse in a rehab or other institution, it may be worth checking out these Homeopathic medicines.

For general use
In traditional Indian medicine, Nux vomica has been used to treat a range of ailments from fatigue to chronic chemical dependency. The seeds of the Nux vomica plant have, in the past, been dried and crushed before consumption. But be very careful, they also contain a very small amount of Strychnine, which is potentially lethal to humans in large doses. Nowadays, to ensure safety, Nux vomica is carefully measured and distributed by professional Homeopathic medicine companies. The remedy is considered useful as Nux vomica extract aids cleansing of the liver and the intestines. It is also recommended for people who live a particularly stressful life, or who find themselves consuming far too much coffee or smoking too many cigarettes. Nux vomica is believed to be a good start as it can help with a number of different symptoms.

For stimulants
The main symptoms of withdrawal for stimulant abuse or addiction are uncontrollable body tremors (shaking), dehydration, headaches and extreme agitation. Somebody beginning a stimulant cleanse will be immensely uncomfortable, and often a little quick to anger, during the first couple of days, which will eventually give way to exhaustion. Avena Sativa is made from the green leaves of the Oat plant (yes, the same stuff you eat in the morning!) and is thought to sooth the brain and the nervous system, making the individual feel calmer. It’s believed to reduce discomfort during the withdrawal phase as it can help with headaches, dehydration and nausea. It is also used to treat the nervous system after abuse of heroin or morphine.

For opiates
Opiate withdrawal is one of the more physically painful processes of a cleanse. Users of opiates, such as heroin, will feel their skin crawling with painful tingles and itches within hours of their last dose, and their mind will be under intense pressure by the nervous system to find ‘one more hit’. As mentioned above, Avena Sativa has been used to treat opiate detoxification. Another Homeopathic remedy that has proven itself popular is a very weak Cannabis Indica tincture. A few drops of the mixture is believed to calm the psychological trauma of opiate withdrawal, and help the individual to sleep.