Drinking in Secret: When No One Knows You’re Suffering

Your drinking secret is far from “safe” when you’re struggling solo. It may feel embarrassing to share your issues concerning alcohol with anyone. It’s totally understandable, especially when you may seem to be doing just fine from an outsider’s perspective. The last thing you want others to know is that you’re not actually holding it together.

Hiding your habit doesn’t make it disappear. It adds a layer of unnecessary humiliation to a battle that is hard enough. Use these steps to come clean and take control.

Acknowledge Your Alcoholism

Secrecy takes away your strength. When only you know the depth and degree to which you’re drinking, the problem is likely to progress. Shame can feel isolating and intense. It could lead to a downward spiral and more drinking.

You need help. Say it out loud, at first, to yourself. Admit you’re no longer in control. Alcohol has the power. What you may have thought would be pleasure has transformed into pain…pain that you’ve grown to protect by internalizing and rationalizing. Release yourself from this responsibility. Set yourself free by accepting your reality. This is not about blame. It’s the start of a new beginning.

Confide in Someone Close to You

You don’t have to scream from the rooftops for attention. All you need is one trusting person you can rely on, someone who won’t judge you and won’t run away. The mere act of admission will be a tremendous weight off your shoulders. The secret is no longer yours to bear alone. You have someone to hold your hand and learn about the parts of you you’ve kept private for so long. No one is perfect.

This person may not know what to say or do. That doesn’t mean they can’t help. Count on their honesty and willingness to walk by your side as you make changes, seek assistance in alcohol rehab, and grow in a positive direction, no matter how long it takes.

Your secret drinking doesn’t serve what you thought was its purpose. Your confidant is your sounding board and safe haven. With their protection and partnership, you can get to the next phase of this fight.

A Commitment to be Candid

Once you’ve seen how sharing your secret can start to reveal glimmers of hope, remember to remain open. Your journey will have its ups and downs. Don’t let the bad days bring you back to that place of isolation.

Hold onto that special person who knows about your struggle. They will be a source of strength and a pillar of accountability. Your secretive alcohol misuse/abuse led you down a dark and dangerous road. This special bond will shine a guiding light toward rehabilitation and a renewed sense of self. Continue to check in, even when you’re doing much better.

You don’t have to do this alone. Secrets can make us sicker. Believe in the goodness of others but most importantly, believe in yourself. You are not a burden. Someone believes in you.

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