Enhanced Telehealth Services and Preventive Measures
Ensure Safe Treatment for Substance Abuse

In these uncertain times, Beachside Rehab remains a trusted partner in the journey to recovery. We are dedicated to reducing the risks associated with COVID-19, while still providing customized addiction therapy for each and every client.


In light of social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders, we have expanded our telehealth services. Beachside Rehab is now offering enhanced virtual individual and group therapy to existing, previous, and new clients. Rest assured that while you may be socially distanced from others right now, you are not alone. We are here to provide expert treatment and compassionate care to help you on your healing journey.


Our residential treatment center remains open, and we are taking robust preventive measures in accordance with the latest local health department updates and CDC guidelines:

Simple Ways to Stop the Spread

Whether you are staying at our residential treatment center or connecting with us from home, please follow these simple CDC guidelines to stop the spread of germs:

As always, your well-being is our priority. Though we may be apart right now, we will weather this storm together.

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