intensive outpatient treatment

At Beachside Rehab, we understand that the transition from inpatient treatment to the outside world can be daunting. For many of our patients, addiction has not only affected their self-esteem, but also their confidence to take part in the activities and responsibilities of a ‘normal’ life that so many of us take for granted. With this in mind, we’ve developed our intensive outpatient treatment program to help these patients get back on their feet and take the right steps to living a sober and happy life.

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

The Beachside Rehab intensive outpatient treatment program is a holistic support system that targets our patients’ specific needs. These intensive patients remain at Beachside Rehab, but are housed in their own facility – allowing them to focus on their goals after completing inpatient treatment. With the freedom to visit friends and family, eat out, and take part in activities outside the facility, patients are given the space to make their own choices. However, they are also afforded the safety and structure of a live-in treatment program that can monitor them during this crucial phase.

Therapy During Inpatient Treatment

Regular group therapy sessions continue the work started during inpatient treatment, helping patients stay focused on sobriety. However, we also offer tailor-made one-on-one therapy with our qualified therapist, giving patients a chance to address their individual psychological needs. Our outpatients are also able to join in on all other activities and make use of any of our facilities – including cook-outs, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, the Biosound Bed, and other extra curricular or recovery activities. This also offers our inpatients the opportunity to mix with those who have completed their inpatient rehab program and show them progress in recovery.

After Treatment

Reintegrating into society can be difficult, which is why our intensive outpatient program assists patients in pursuing their own path. We provide hands-on support as our patients apply for jobs or academic programs. Each patient is also assigned a licensed caseworker, who can provide them with further information and referrals for support systems once their intensive outpatient treatment is complete. We can also help to source government assistance for those who need it.

Health is key to sober living. A doctor will oversee all medication for patients who require it, ensuring their safety and helping to prevent relapse. With our focus on nutrition and exercise, patients also learn healthy routines that keep them strong and motivated.

Many patients attend Beachside as an out-of-state treatment option. During intensive outpatient treatment, we help patients find suitable outpatient programs in their home states, continuing their care long after they’ve left us.

Our patients’ success and happiness is our top priority. Since the program length and schedule is catered to each individual and their special needs, if you would like to know more you can contact Beachside Rehab to discuss your options and requirements.