New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap, but every recovering addict knows the importance of setting goals and taking steps to achieve them. Start this decade on the right foot with these five resolutions to continue your journey toward healing.

Go to Meetings

You need the support of others to stay committed to your sobriety. Whether you’re part of a 12-step group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, or a 4-point program like SMART Recovery, make meetings a priority. There, you will benefit from the camaraderie and encouragement of other recovering addicts, which can strengthen your resolve to stay healthy and sober. Going to meetings reminds you to continually ask for help, and empowers you to take life one day at a time.

Nurture Relationships

You already know that it’s nearly impossible to recover from addiction in isolation. We all need a strong support system of people who love us in order to live a full and healthy life. Resolve to spend quality time with the people you care about—for your sake and theirs. It can be as simple as committing to a regular phone call with a faraway parent or sibling, or a coffee date with your spouse. Make sure to put these important meetings on the calendar before your schedule fills up with work and other obligations.

Help Others

Volunteering your time and energy for something you believe in is a great way to get out of your own head and focus on the needs of others. In fact, helping others is a scientifically proven way to help yourself: Volunteering can ward off depression and provide a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Consider acts of service like making the coffee and snacks for your meetings, or committing to a structured service project with another charitable organization.

Prioritize Sleep

Though sleep may not be the cure for everything that ails you, it can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life. Without the proper rest, you will feel more easily irritated and stressed, negatively affecting your decision-making ability and your overall outlook on life. A good night’s sleep, on the other hand, can help you wake up calm, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. Make it a priority to get a solid 7–9 hours of sleep each night to help your mind and body stay strong in recovery.

Manage Stress

To keep from falling back into negative patterns and unhealthy coping mechanisms, resolve to get a better handle on the way you manage stress. Why not try something new and incorporate a holistic activity into your routine? Classes like yoga, painting, music, and theater provide a positive outlet for self-expression, helping boost your mood and lower your stress. Engaging in one of these activities is a wonderful way to practice self-care and create new healthy habits for recovery.

Though recovery takes work, your health and well-being are worth the effort. Start 2020 with a few simple resolutions you can stick to, and get ready to celebrate a new year of sobriety.

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Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash