recovery mlestones to celebrate

Every milestone in recovery is a moment worth celebrating if it means you’re one more day sober. Patting yourself on the back – with sober celebrations – is a reward and a reminder of your determination to stay clean. Previous commemorations of notable moments might have been filled with a different kind of merrymaking, so part of the sober journey is learning how to celebrate new things in healthy ways with no less excitement or cheer.

Embrace Successes of Every Size

Everyone loves something to look forward to, whether it’s a weekend without work or a week’s vacation, a night vegging in front of the TV or a gaming marathon, your favorite dessert at the kitchen table or time in the sunshine free from technology.

People in recovery once got their highs from drugs or alcohol. Part of recovery is discovering how to find natural highs in new places. One of the privileges and challenges of recovery is continuing to do this for the rest of your life so you can stay on your sober journey.

When you’re in a new relationship with yourself as a sober person and you aren’t sure how to keep the spark alive, acknowledge the daily struggle – and then applaud yourself for it.

Make a List and Keep It Going

Recovery is full of firsts. This time in your life is bursting with hope – there are so many firsts to look forward to and applaud yourself for achieving:

  • The first time you go to a social event sober
  • The first time you get through a work day sober
  • The first time you get through Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… sober
  • The first time you get through a stressful situation without drugs or alcohol
  • The first time you go out to eat and don’t order an alcoholic beverage
  • The first time you fall asleep without sleep aids, wine, or other substances

All these firsts might seem like small things, but they are all vital because they are solid proof that you can successfully live your normal daily life without substances. From there, you build a foundation of self-confidence that helps you see just how capable you are, just how you can succeed at everything you do in recovery – and make it all happen while sober.

Align Your Perspective

It’s easy to look at all the “firsts” after recovery in a negative way. For example, focusing on how difficult it is to go to dinner with friends and not order a glass of wine is tough. This is where your recovery tools will come in handy – look at the life ahead of you as one that is full of opportunity and options, or one that’s mired down in substances that suck away your true chance at joy and success.

Stay on the positive side of things and focus on keeping a good perspective. Yes, you’ve spent a lot of time in holistic rehab focusing on your emotions and feelings and thoughts, but you can and should continue to spend more time on them. You’re worth spending time on, you’re worth putting yourself and your sobriety first.

Embrace Private Celebrations

Every milestone you reach on your sober journey doesn’t have to be a public announcement. You don’t have to name your achievements on Facebook, or email your friends, or have a dinner party – but you can, if you want. You don’t need someone else’s validation though to recognize that what you’ve done to stay sober is extraordinary.

Most people in recovery work very hard to get through each day without adding more obligations or acknowledgments to it. So you can put away any thoughts of daunting hurrahs, and make a point to have your own private celebrations about your recovery milestones.

Nod to yourself in the mirror, tap yourself on the shoulder, dance to an inspiring song, write a sentence about why you’re so great – these are the little moments that say, “Yes, I did that. I made it through.” You’ll remember these milestones because they are meaningful to you.

The Importance of Celebrating Recovery Milestones

When you have been to holistic rehab, you have chosen a better life for yourself. And you can stay excited about what else is ahead, even through the daunting daily struggles to stay sober. When you celebrate key recovery anniversaries – whether 24 hours sober or 24 months – you will feel:

  • Accomplished
  • Proud
  • Committed
  • Hopeful
  • Inspiring

Set your goals for yourself, make them small, and celebrate every single one that you achieve. Set yourself up for a sober lifetime of worthwhile successes.

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