Once a person decides to enter an addiction center for treatment, the question becomes, “Where should I go?” Of course, the decision often depends on insurance coverage. But if the option is available, some may find going away for drug or alcohol rehab can be preferable to staying local.

When exploring different inpatient programs, the emphasis should always be on what the program can do for you, no matter where it is located. The location of the facility, however, can also play a pivotal role in your long-term success.

Consider these reasons to seek a treatment center that fits your needs and puts distance between you and home.

More Choices for Alcohol or Drug Rehab

It is essential to identify treatment that will give you the best chance of successful recovery. If you limit your search to inpatient programs close to home, you may also limit be limiting your options for quality treatment.

Change Is Good

Deciding to enter an addiction center is one of the best–and biggest–changes a person struggling with addiction can make. A new location brings new hope, and a respite from the way of life you once knew. Psychologically, this could help change your mindset, allowing you to switch gears and devote yourself to your recovery.

Once You’re There, You’re There

Often someone checks into a treatment center, then changes his or her mind for any number of reasons. When you are in a local facility, it’s too easy to walk out the door and right back to your problems. When you put some distance between yourself and your home, you have to think twice before leaving when things get hard. That distance may be enough to keep you at the treatment center, receiving the help you need.

Privacy and Confidentiality

While in a treatment center, you want to maintain a razor-like focus on your recovery. This may be difficult if you’re worried how your neighbors or your employer will react. Even though most treatment centers are fully confidential, you want to keep your dependency issues as private as possible. This is easier to do at a distance.

Family and Friends

The support of family and friends is important, and often an argument for staying close to home for your treatment. However, family and friends can often be enablers, unknowingly contributing to your addiction. At best, they can distract you from your focus, which should be your recovery.  You need to do you right now. 

Escaping Triggers

People, places, and things can all be negative influences, or triggers, for alcohol and drug use. Even the stress of work or home life can lead someone to reach for his substance of choice. The more miles you put between yourself and your triggers, the easier it will be to complete your treatment program and focus on a life without these catalysts.

Entering a rehab facility is the most important first step a person can take on the road to recovery. If you or a loved one is ready to take this step, connect with our trained admissions counselors  or call 866-349-1770 for help in navigating your journey to wellness.