4 Facts About Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic rehab is a gentle way to rid yourself of the drugs you’re chained to and find a peaceful road to recovery—body, mind, and spirit. The fundamental aspects of holistic addiction rehab are focused on overall wellness, so you can eliminate substance abuse permanently and recover from this chapter of your life feeling healthy and prepared to maintain sobriety.

1. Holistic rehab treats the whole person.

The foundation of holistic medicine is to treat a problem at its source, not just apply a band-aid to a wound or only treat symptoms. Holistic rehab goes beyond the superficial and discovers the root of drug addiction or alcoholism to prepare a person for physical, mental, and emotional recovery.

2. Holistic addiction centers go beyond rehab basics.

All addiction centers focus on rehabilitating people so they have the strength to abstain from their substance of choice. A holistically augmented program builds on the basics of all rehab and can include a host of therapies, from individual cognitive behavioral therapy to group art therapy.

The focus on full-body rehab and wellness of holistic addiction treatment can also include alternative medicine practices like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, nutrition, guided imagery, reiki, massage, and herbal therapy.

3. Detox is more natural in holistic drug rehab.

Detoxification and managed withdrawal are necessary in addiction rehab. While traditional rehabs often use prescribed medications for difficult detoxes or offer medically assisted recovery to diffuse cravings, holistic rehab focuses on minimizing the introduction of any new medications or chemicals into the body.

Withdrawal is impossible to avoid, but the cleansing measures at a holistic addiction center–herbal supplementation, nutritional support, rest, and more–can ease the discomfort of detoxing. The goal is to begin a natural process of healing and that begins with holistic detoxification to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal without relying on non-narcotic detox medication.

4. Holistic rehab has nothing to do with religion.

It is a common misconception that holistic rehab adheres to a religious point of view. You do not have to believe in any higher being or have a spiritual practice to find success through holistic addiction treatment.

Holistic rehab is adapted to fit your personal beliefs–the only requirement is that you be open to embracing the tenet that mind, body, and soul are intertwined, and that a natural approach to healing your body will help you begin recovery immediately and maintain abstinence from substance abuse.

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