5 Apps to Aid in Alcohol Addiction Recovery

We all live by our phones, whether we like it or not. As much as the device in your hand can be both a time suck and a necessary evil, smartphones can also be a welcome help when you’re trying to achieve a goal like staying sober. These apps can help people in recovery from alcohol addiction meet their treatment goals.

1. Sober Grid

One of the most important elements of recovery from alcohol addiction is establishing and maintaining a healthy, supportive, sober community. Sober Grid is considered a social networking substitute, offering the opportunity to create a personalized profile and post photos, videos, and journal entries to connect with old friends and make new friends who all have the same goal—sobriety. Private chats, instant support, sobriety tracking, daily inspirations, and anonymity features are all available. A GPS locater lets you find other sober people nearby when you’re traveling and need support. iPhone and Android. Free.

2. SoberTool

Being able to see their progress helps people in addiction recovery to continue to succeed in their goals. SoberTool tracks every day that you stay sober and bestows rewards when a member reaches certain milestones. Along with daily motivational messages, a chat feature, and tools to work through triggers and avoid relapse, SoberTool even calculates estimated money savings from staying sober. iPhone and Android. Free.

3. I Am Sober

A customizable 24-hour companion and sobriety counter app, I Am Sober tracks sober days and milestones to deliver a visual representation of how long a person has been sober and time and money saved by staying sober. Users of this app take a daily pledge to stay sober and can log notes at the end of the day identifying successes and setbacks and analyzing triggers. A withdrawal timeline helps people understand what they can expect to feel both physically and emotionally as they recover from alcohol addiction so they can prepare for what’s ahead. The community on I Am Sober all have the same goals—to build new habits and find motivation from a new community. iPhone and Android. Free.

4. Sober Time

Recovering from alcohol addiction is an ongoing daily journey. Sober Time lets you measure out your life in teaspoons—counting one minute, one hour, one day at a time. For some people, avoiding the temptation of alcohol is a minute-to-minute challenge. Through Sober Time, you have access to powerful timekeeping tools that allow you to track your personalized sobriety goals—and celebrate the milestones of every size. There is also a community of support from people who have gone through or are currently experiencing the same journey. iPhone and Android. Free.

5. WEconnect

Temptation is always present for people in addiction recovery. WEconnect is an app that delivers daily reminders to call your sponsor, meditate, exercise, go to a group meeting—any technique you need to give you that extra push to stay connected and dedicated to your sobriety journey. The app allows for check ins to activities like 12-step meetings, group therapy, church, and one-on-one meetings with a sponsor or coach, as well as suggestions for clarity routines, like doing something creative, journaling, listening to music, getting outside, and more. WEconnect is also intended as a companion for people who are supporting someone else’s recovery from addiction. iPhone and Android. Free.

Build Your Life Around Sobriety

Sobriety is about maintaining a new lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs, a journey that will differ for every person who is fighting against addiction. Having a little extra help in your hand through a smartphone app can be the support needed at times when your usual support system is unavailable or you need instant positive reinforcement that reminds you of just how far you have come.

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Photo by Stephen Frank on Unsplash