Should You Share Your Recovery Milestones?

Sobriety is never easy. It’s a challenging commitment you’ve made to yourself to reevaluate your life and change it for the better. While the process is significantly internal, there are outside elements that enter in, for better or worse. Friends and family, even co-workers and neighbors may be aware of your arduous journey and some have seen you hit rock bottom.

Once you’ve reached an important milestone along your road to recovery—perhaps completing rehab or time at a treatment center—should you share your success, or stay silent?

The Positive Side of Privacy

Most likely, your addiction was a dangerous and disastrous period of your life. Your struggles and the ensuing stress made your existence exasperating, and the cycle of alcohol or drug use spiraled. Once you chose the path toward sobriety, it was a moment you decided upon. Others may have encouraged you to enter treatment, but ultimately this was your call.

Accordingly, it s your prerogative to keep your achievements to yourself until you’re ready to reveal how you’re doing to those who care. Sometimes sharing too soon can put pressure on a person who is taking things day by day.

While positive news is hard to hold inside, be sure you’re strong enough to handle the high-fives and premature celebrations. Every step is certainly something to be proud of, but patience is what will lead to lifelong sobriety.

The Time to Tell

If you’ve been sober for some time and truly feel you’re functioning well and will be in the future, by all means, share your success story with those you trust. It is recommended you first discuss this matter with the care provider at your rehab or treatment center for their advice on how to broach the subject.

As you surpass milestone after milestone, loved ones who want to see you succeed will be your greatest supporters. You may even benefit someone you don’t know by speaking with individuals or groups battling addiction and don’t see a way out. Your progress is a powerful motivator they can look to as they conquer this incredible challenge.

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash