5 Ways to Celebrate Recovery

Recovery after drug rehab or alcohol rehab is an accomplishment to be honored in a personal way. The anniversary doesn’t have to be a major event, nor does it have to be a public one. You should make a commitment, however, to applaud your sobriety at one month, six months, one year, or whatever milestone is appropriate to give you the motivation to stay clean and sober.

1. Start a Tradition

Traditions give you something to look forward to, and one of the most important elements of recovery is knowing that good times are ahead, no matter how daunting things may seem now. Think of all the things you might have missed out on because of addiction, and make a point to turn them into a tradition now or honor a longstanding tradition—attending a family reunion, hunting for shark’s teeth on every beach trip, or adding to a charm bracelet for overcoming every tempting moment.

2. Treat Yourself

Sobriety is an ongoing and often challenging journey, but it is not about deprivation. A massage, a trip, manicure, concert, new shoes, all appetizers and then two desserts—indulge in something that is truly a pleasure for you. It’s not about how much the treat costs, it’s about doing something that will make you happy and remind you you’re lucky to be alive, healthy, and doing good things for yourself.

3. Pretend It’s Your Birthday

Cake, presents, a party. Your sobriety birthday can be big or small, but make sure there is something sweet to eat and a gift to yourself. Solo birthday parties can be a little lonely, so invite at least one of your nearest and dearest to celebrate you too.

4. Act Like a Kid

Take a trapeze class. Visit a theme park. Build with Legos. Color. Watch Disney movies. Kids do have the most fun, and they know how to leap into a moment with abandon and without self-consciousness. Remind yourself to approach life with a lighter heart. While recovery is serious, every moment of your life doesn’t have to be heavy.

5. Acknowledge Others

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab give you plenty of time to focus on yourself. Celebrate your sobriety by thinking outward and doing good for others. Participate in a charity walk every year, donate your time to a non-profit or religious organization. Thinking of others makes you realize that life isn’t all about you—and that’s a good thing. Your recovery doesn’t only benefit you, but the people around you.

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Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash