Enhanced Telehealth Services and Preventive Measures
Ensure Safe Treatment for Substance Abuse

In these uncertain times, Beachside Rehab remains a trusted partner in the journey to recovery. We are dedicated to reducing the risks associated with COVID-19, while still providing customized addiction therapy for each and every client.


In light of social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders, we have expanded our telehealth services. Beachside Rehab is now offering enhanced virtual individual and group therapy to existing, previous, and new clients. Rest assured that while you may be socially distanced from others right now, you are not alone. We are here to provide expert treatment and compassionate care to help you on your healing journey.


Our residential treatment center remains open, and we are taking robust preventive measures in accordance with the latest local health department updates and CDC guidelines:

Simple Ways to Stop the Spread

Whether you are staying at our residential treatment center or connecting with us from home, please follow these simple CDC guidelines to stop the spread of germs:

As always, your well-being is our priority. Though we may be apart right now, we will weather this storm together.

Finding Joy in a Florida Drug Rehab

Rehab takes hard work, vulnerability, and a commitment to recovery. But when you do the work in a tropical setting, it can almost feel like a much-needed getaway. Discover why Florida is a great place to go to rehab, and how you can benefit from seeking treatment in the Sunshine State.

Sunny Days at Rehab in Florida

There are plenty of reasons to go to rehab in Florida, and sunny skies may top the list. With an average annual temperature of 68 degrees, the Sunshine State provides a comfortable setting where you can focus on healing. Instead of bundling up in extra layers, you’re free to pack light and enjoy the warmth of sunny days.

Plus, Florida’s natural sunshine can ward off depression and anxiety, helping you regain the energy you need to embrace life free of addiction. Sunlight has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, which is the key hormone that stabilizes mood. The sun is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which plays a role in regulating mood and energy. What’s more, spending your days in the sun can improve your sleep, which is another critical component of recovery.

Holistic Addiction Rehab at the Beach

Going to rehab in Florida can be a holistic healing experience. Waking up to the warm ocean breeze invigorates you to take on the day, and quiet walks on the beach bring peace and tranquility. Your spirits will be lifted by the salty air, the lapping waves, and the sandy shores. Time at the beach is truly a balm for body, mind, and spirit.

And since Florida is only 160 miles wide, you will never be far from the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean offers opportunities for exhilarating activities like swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding, helping you get the exercise you need in a picture-perfect setting. After all, physical fitness is known to aid recovery, and it is also an effective way to prevent relapse.

Detox Center in a Natural Setting

In Florida, the natural world plays a role in successful recovery. The Sunshine State is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including freshwater fish, marine fish and mammals, and beautiful birds and butterflies. Such lush surroundings provide a sense of serenity on your journey to healing.

In addition, you can enjoy therapeutic outdoor activities like horseback riding and nature walks, and bask in the glow of bonfires on the beach. Though you’re free to practice yoga in the gym, there’s nothing quite like stretching in the sunset. The natural beauty of Florida creates an ideal atmosphere for treatment and recovery.

Free from distractions and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a Florida drug rehab allows you to take time away from your regular routine and retreat to a place of healing. Throughout treatment, you will enjoy a serene environment—a place that lifts your stress so you can focus on a bright future.

Discover the many benefits of a Florida drug rehab for yourself: Call 888-984-3912 with any questions you may have. Our trained admissions counselors are here to help.