Holistic Rehab Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Every person is unique… and so are their challenges. Those who struggle with substance abuse or mental health can find help in adaptable holistic rehab, where multiple therapies are available so everyone, inpatient or outpatient, can discover the treatment that suits their needs best. One-size-fits-all only works for t-shirts, not people — the right rehab knows this and treats its patients accordingly.

The Adaptability of Holistic Rehab

Holistic rehab is not just for individuals who want to recover from addiction. There are multiple treatment plans for a host of personal trials, including:

Substance abuse: Drug and alcohol dependency are similar but unique, and the body reacts differently to the substances it’s regularly exposed to. As a result, treatment must be tailored to address specific addictions.

Dual diagnosis: Some people who need rehab for substance abuse are dealing with a dual diagnosis like PTSD, where their drug or alcohol abuse is the result of a mental health disorder or vice versa. Treating both health issues is critical for full recovery.

Grief: The grief response is unique to every person and there is no way to predict its length or breadth until it occurs. Sometimes, help is necessary so you can cope and build a personalized plan of action going forward.

Depression: When you suffer from depression, this mental health disorder can make it difficult to reach out for help when you need it most. Inpatient plans are customized to each person’s depressed state so healing can begin.

Anxiety: Anxiety disorders often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed but inpatient holistic therapy means time to focus on this burden and an opportunity to find relief through talk therapy, medication, and all personalized treatment plans.

Holistic rehabs understand the nuances of addiction and mental health difficulties and how they can compound each other, trigger each other, and make accurate diagnoses even more complex. Through customized, adaptable rehab, you get one-on-one attention and care so treatment is appropriate, targeted, and effective.

Alternative Therapies for Unique Challenges

Some visitors to holistic rehab will need to go through detox before the hardest work of healing can begin. Others can start working on various modalities to see what speaks to them and helps them find healing, peace, and motivation. There are many possible therapy options:

Talk: Talk therapy – whether in a group or one-on-one setting – is a foundational aspect of holistic rehab.

Equine: Relationship-building is the goal for equine therapy, with the horse’s companionship allowing patients to bond, gain responsibility, and develop trust with the animal that they can then take into their personal life and feel confident about forging new relationships with others.

Art: Sometimes in the personal battle to overcome addiction, it’s necessary to “speak” in a different way, and the creation of personalized art offers the opportunity to create and discuss emotions, addiction, and other matters.

Music: Music is both a soothing and energizing part of addiction recovery that can access some emotions faster than any other type of therapy. Music allows for a safe way to experience emotions, especially those tied into addiction.

Nutrition and fitness: What you eat and how you move directly impact how you feel. When the body is changing so much from detox or withdrawal, a solid nutritional plan that replaces nutrients that have been lost and appropriate exercise regimen are key to healthy recovery. This can include meditation, yoga, kayaking, hiking, trainer workouts, and more.

The Road to Total Wellness After Holistic Rehab

Every holistic rehab plan is tailored to the patient and focused on promoting good health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yes, it’s important to eliminate substance abuse, but it’s also necessary to determine the source of the need to take drugs or drink alcohol excessively. The mind and body are wrapped together in an intricate dance and inpatient holistic rehab is designed to unravel what’s happening within each person’s system and arm them with the tools to overcome their temptations, reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve themselves body and mind.

Through a structured but personalized program, patients learn how to take back control of their lives, substance free, and learn how to find relief and a semblance of happiness in their existence.

Whatever your needs, or the needs of someone you love, reach out to the holistic rehab center Beachside Rehab in Fort Pierce, Florida. This is the time to get sober, find happiness again, and achieve peace in your life. Our facility offers inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab and holistic recovery. Call today at 866-349-1770 to speak with a trained admissions counselor.