As the seasons change, do you find yourself slipping away from your commitment to sobriety? Perhaps as the weather gets cooler you stay at home alone more frequently. What’s one drink, right? But this little “pick-me-up” could lead to a big letdown.

Before reverting to unhealthy habits, especially as we move into fall, here are some ways to get through the next few months without worries or weak moments.

Focus on Your Frame of Mind

When the days get shorter and the autumn air has that distinctive crispness, there’s a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. Some people love the change; it can be invigorating and inspiring. Others would have summer last all year—sun-filled days, splashing around, and spending time outdoors.

If you miss summer as soon as it’s over and start to retreat into seclusion, while technically, you’re alone, you’re not alone. Plenty of people get the blues when the leaves turn brown, and the sky goes gray. You could be personable and playful one month, then suddenly you’re withdrawn and isolated.

Do you already know this about yourself? As soon as you start disengaging from friends and family, find a way to reach out before you regress. Being alone could lead to regrettable decisions you may not have made if you were in touch with your support system.

Reach Out (or Within)

It’s OK to find solace in solitude. Focusing on your thoughts and feelings can be helpful and healing. But if you associate being alone with loneliness, your desire to fill the void could become all-consuming. Without stability and structure, you could put your sobriety in jeopardy.

Touch base with a trusted companion. Even if they can’t physically be with you in person, knowing someone’s on your side can give you strength. You may not feel like meeting up or even moving off the couch, but having that connection is crucial. If you do not have someone to rely on, there are respectable online support groups or referrals from your rehab center.

Find Your New “Happy Place”

When you were using alcohol or drugs to cope with seasonal sadness, you knew deep inside it was only a cover up. Real happiness doesn’t come from substances. And despite your intentions to mask your mood, any relief you may have felt was deception.

Now that you are committed to sober living, alcohol and drugs can’t be the answer. They never were and never will be. Uncover a new, healthier way to lift your spirits so you can face the fall season with optimism.

Listen to some upbeat music. Jump on the “pumpkin spice” bandwagon. Redecorate your home with rich autumn colors and fabrics. Write in your journal. Exercise and meditate. There are so many outlets you can pursue that are invigorating and restorative. Replace old habits with a holistic approach towards self-improvement.

Plan for Progress

Plan immediately for how you’ll resist any urges to misuse alcohol or drugs by having a handful of healthy happiness boosters ready to go. The temperature may drop, but you don’t have to go down with it.

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