Old habits are hard to change. Add addiction to the mix, and the battle to break away from what you’re used to could seem impossible. Before throwing in the towel and falling back into your old ways post-rebab, know that taking steps toward better health will help you stay strong—and sober.

Replace your hardwired habits with a fresh focus towards wholesome eating, regular exercise, and a mind-body awareness that will elevate your spirit and sensibilities.

Shop Smarter

Before heading out to the grocery store, make a list of nutritious items that will boost your energy and fill your soul. Perhaps you used to grab whatever caught your eye, even alcohol. You may have been inclined to load up on empty calories or whatever was cheapest so you could use the money to “feed” your addiction. With those days behind you, it’s time to take charge of your grocery go-to’s and make choices that are better for your body.

A big part of staying sober is treating your body like a temple. Your temptations used to hold the power, but now it is up to you to heal yourself from damage and commit to self-care.

Eat at the table rather than mindless munching. Turn off the tech devices and concentrate on your meal to make the most of it. Dine with health-conscious friends and family members who won’t try to convince you to grab the chips and cookies. Learn to cook or order from a meal prep service so you know what’s going into your system. These steps will promote positive feelings that will help you drown out the voices that want to drag you down and back into your unhealthy habits.

Fit in Fitness

Keeping active and in shape will push you to continue on your path toward a sober lifestyle. You’ll feel the endorphins kick in as you break a sweat and build stamina. As your body reaps the rewards from every workout, you’ll find that you want to reach the next level each time you work out.

Before, your day was focused on finding your next “buzz” or “hit.” Exercise can’t be done effectively or safely under such conditions, and you may not have engaged in much physical activity at all. Now that you are substance-free and self-motivated, you can concentrate on your physique.

Habits that hindered your progress are now out of the picture. Fill this time with workouts that take your mind off the past and propel you towards positive practices. You will feel and look better, filling you with a sense of accomplishment your addiction could never match.

Mindfulness Motivates

Spend time tuning into your thoughts and hopes for a brighter tomorrow. When you are feeling like you might slip back into harmful habits, take a deep breath and meditate or simply be still. Your mind may be racing, you could be anxious, or you fear that you’re not far along enough to do this on your own. Don’t let doubt determine your future. You have so much to look forward to, and this “me time” will aid you in advancing.

Remember what you’ve learned in rehab and use those tips and tools to guide you in the right direction. Focusing deeply is desirable, especially when your prior habits are hiding right around the corner. As you stay calm and collected, draw from your inner strength as your personal support system. You have the willpower to ward off the demons and stay determined. Concentrate on experiencing better behaviors and actions that will impact your sobriety successfully.

If you or someone you know is battling addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, holistic help is available. Your road toward a healthier lifestyle starts with Beachside Rehab, a luxury rehab facility. Please contact our trained admissions counselors at 866-349-1770.

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash