Stress Relievers To Do Before Starting Your Day

Do you wake up in a panic or uncomfortably on edge? Are a million thoughts running through your mind the minute your alarm clock rings? We all feel the pressure to some degree. With everything we’re expected to do each day, it’s amazing any of us can hold it all together. Long days at work, family issues, financial worries, health concerns, etc. are stressful, and we can’t help but get overwhelmed. If we let the stress damage our spirits, it can wreak havoc on our health—both mental and physical.

Every day is a new beginning, so why hold onto yesterday’s baggage? We can’t cut off all ties to the past completely, but we can use our experiences to make our tomorrows lighter and brighter. Even the worst days have their teachable moments, offering clarity and serenity.

These useful morning habits are intended for self-care and overall stability when stress hits as the sun comes up. Before you get out of bed tomorrow, make the effort to put peace first, kicking off your day with less dread and more determination.

Get the Kinks Out

Jumping straight out of bed may be what you’re used to, but it doesn’t give you a chance to clear your mind before getting caught up in the daily grind. Take five minutes to stretch your limbs and relax your muscles. Breathe deeply and deliberately, focusing on nothing else but your peace of mind, calmness, and composure.

Once you’ve loosened up and lifted those dark clouds, you can rise and shine with a clear state of mind. You’ll also feel better physically, which helps on a hectic day.

Your Smart Devices Can Wait

Are you in the habit of grabbing your smartphone the moment your eyes open? You may even sleep with it in the bed! Before you’ve pulled off the blankets, emails have been sent and social media feeds have been scrolled through. Text messages that can surely wait seem to take precedence over brushing your teeth. The feeling of urgency is anxiety-producing, not to mention a major distraction.

You’re not alone. Nearly 80% of people with smartphones are sucked in less than 15 minutes after they’ve awoken. Productivity dips, pressure mounts, and stress becomes your everyday wake-up call. Break the habit for the sake of your health and happiness.

Promise to keep your eyes off your smartphone first thing in the morning. Aim for an hour if you can muster up the willpower. Have it nearby in case of emergencies, but not for engagement. You’ll be able to concentrate on what’s in front of you rather than worrying about what’s next.

Make a To-Do List

Keep a note pad and pen by your bedside. When you wake up, jot down what’s on your mind. Much of it is likely to be your to-dos for the day. Rather than playing it over and over in your mind, create an organized list to allow you to prioritize and plan.

Once you see what’s on the agenda, you can start from the top and tackle each to-do deliberately. Things don’t seem so impossible when you’re in control.

Remember—when you open your eyes each morning, appreciate what you have. Forgive and move forth. Believe in yourself and the possibilities that lie ahead. When you embrace this harmony, you’ll do wonders for your mental health.

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