Take That Mental Health Day Without Shame

While attitudes have improved in recent years, mental health still has a stigma surrounding it. Misconceptions and unfair judgments create a sense of shame when it comes to talking about mental and emotional issues. This leads many people to suffer in silence, creating an increase in their stress and overall dissatisfaction.

When we keep these struggles under wraps, it can be stifling. Our worries burden us and can break us down. Taking a mental health day may not cure all that ails you, but it is a positive step towards taking better care of your well-being—something we should all strive to do.

Your Brain Is a Body Part

Are you more comfortable discussing your earache than your emotions? Why is it that we have no qualms about calling in a “sick day” for a sore throat, but conditions like depression or anxiety don’t seem to qualify?

Mental health is part of our overall health, and it can impact our physical health tremendously. Your mental health needs are legitimate, and it is perfectly normal to take care of them as you would a physical issue. We just have to get comfortable with this concept.

If you’re worried about what people will think, turn that apprehension into empowerment. Know that you’re taking control of the situation before you start to spiral.

Be Proactive

Plan ahead before you get overwhelmed. Unless your life is perfect (and whose is?), you are bound to eventually reach your breaking point. Don’t wait until you have the weight of the world on your shoulders before seeking a solution. Instead, stave it off.

Schedule your mental health day in advance. Ask for the day off if you need to, and clear it on your calendar. Get whatever you need done in the days leading up so you can use the day to reboot. Knowing you have your mental health day approaching will alleviate some of the anxiety that may be brewing. Even better, it can make the days leading to it a little lighter.

You Need Some R&R (Rest & Relaxation)

Everyone benefits from some “me time” to reassess and regroup. Use your mental health day wisely. For the most part, do whatever helps you to relax. This could be sleeping in, taking a warm bath, sitting by the water, reading a favorite book, or planing a low-key day with a friend.

A pause is the precursor to productivity. When you are well-rested, you’ll react better under pressure and see an increase in your performance. Make your mental health day as peaceful as possible, avoiding everyday nuisances and nonsense.

When One Day Isn’t Enough

One mental health day may not be adequate based on what you may be facing—and that’s OK. Consider taking a long weekend, or mini staycation if your schedule permits. And if you feel like you may need more than a few days on your own to feel better, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone. Discussing your emotions with a friend or trusted confidante or a mental health professional can put you on the path to a peaceful new start.

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Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash