"Will I Need to Move After Rehab?"

Holistic rehab is the first place a person begins to live a sober life. This space is free of temptations and there is plenty of support. When treatment is complete though, going back to the home you came from isn’t always the best option. No wonder “Will I have to move after rehab” is such a common question.

It’s important to understand why changing your location can be one of the best decisions you make in recovery.

You Can’t Go Home Again

There are many questions to answer when you leave rehab and embark on a new, clean lifestyle. What will my relationships be like? Can I go back to my old job? How will I spend my time? And one of the biggest concerns: Is my home a healthy place to live?

The saying is, you can’t go home again. And, sometimes, you shouldn’t. Here’s why:


Many people go into rehab after coming out of a toxic household. Whether they they have so much stress they turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, or they remember every single hiding spot for their stash, there are many temptations that will still be in that place when you finish your program. Avoiding them, or at least minimizing them by not living in that orbit, supports sober living.


If you lived with someone who also has an addiction, they’re likely to be there when you return from rehab. Any friends who enabled the drug and alcohol use will also be around. It’s so important to create a new circle of healthy people who encourage your clean lifestyle.


Some towns and cities are in dire straits. They are filled with seductive substances that can test a newly rehabbed person’s resolve—and you know where to find them. Better to move away from what you know and find yourself in a new city where you’re on the hunt for positive distractions, not dark and dangerous ones.

Create a New Home for Yourself

Of course, it’s daunting to alter a major part of your life such as your home base when you just spent weeks transforming yourself and learning how to live sober. Finding a new way to live, though, is part of the excitement and rebirth of sober living, and there are plenty of options to consider when your last home isn’t the best place for you to be anymore.

Sober Living House

Many people leave rehab and immediately move into a sober living house, an environment cultivated to help you function daily without the temptations you would face in your former home. In a sober living house, you have rules, are held accountable, and develop a schedule and routine. This drug- and alcohol-free environment lets you practice the coping skills learned in rehab and figure out the next steps after sober living.

Live in a Different Place

If you were living with people who did not support a sober lifestyle before you went to holistic rehab, you will not want to live with them once you finish your program. If your partner, family, or friends enabled or encouraged your addictions, going back to that environment could erase all the good that you did for yourself in rehab. Living in a different place is healthier for your recovery.

Change Cities

Some people go to rehab and discover that the town or city they lived in was a big part of what fed their addiction. They were in an unhealthy space and around unhealthy people. Moving hundreds or even thousands of miles away from what you’ve always known is an incredible was to breathe fresh air into your new life. Many people even stay in the same city as their rehab.

Moving By Itself Is Not the Answer

It’s important for anyone with an addiction to understand that simply moving is not the solution to their problems. After holistic rehab, moving is an excellent way to build a good foundation for the rest of your life. But when you move without the rehab experience first, your problems just go with you.

You don’t have to figure out how to live a new life all on your own. Get the support you need to get clean and sober in holistic rehab first. Arm yourself with the tools and confidence to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself—drug and alcohol free.

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Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash