3 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself After Addiction Love is in the air this month. Convenience stores are stocked with overpriced chocolates and greeting cards fly off the shelves. Couples cozy up, while singles feverishly “swipe” to find their special someone. Romance is the theme for Valentine’s Day. Fancy dinners out, dozens of roses delivered, and photos of meticulously planned marriage proposals are posted across social media. For this one day, relationships are all that matters, and either you’re all for it, or can’t wait until the morning of the 15th. Rather than focus on the romantic aspect of February 14th, finding love within yourself is the best gift you can give and get. For those battling and beating addiction or struggling to stay strong through sobriety, self-love is at the heart of all happy and healthy relationships – starting with the one you have with yourself.

1. Forgive and Move Forward

“Forgive and forget” is a mantra we’ve been fed since we were young, and the notion does sound nice. Forgiveness brings peace and helps restore relationships. We’re constantly reminded to forgive others, but what about ourselves? And why must we forget what happened? Dwelling on the past isn’t productive but looking back through a lens of understanding for improvement helps us grow. You deserve a second (or third) chance to do things better this time around.

Feel proud of how far you’ve come and what you have achieved. You don’t have to forget the hardships. Reflect on where you’ve been and who you are becoming. See yourself from an outsider’s point of view and give praise where praise is due. Self-forgiveness is the first step towards loving yourself for who you are – the good and the not-so-good. Everything up to this point has formed who you’ve become. Love this person wholly and without reservation. Your recovery depends on the grace you give yourself.

2. Embrace Appreciation & Acceptance

You have overcome obstacles that have taken you from life’s lowest points to a place where you can see a future filled with possibility and potential. Rehabilitation is one of life’s greatest rewards. Recognize the opportunity for renewal you have been blessed with and the strength you’ve summoned to see yourself through it. Giving thanks for your treatment will make every moment a treasure. Take it all in and love yourself again, or perhaps value your worth for the very first time. Self-respect leads to acceptance, and acceptance brings peace of mind. Put yourself first; you need an optimistic outlook to survive setbacks and fully embrace accomplishments.

2. Remember: Perfection Isn’t Always Perfect

After going through alcohol or drug addiction, you’ve come out on the other side with scars. They may never go away — and that’s OK. Your memories can reappear as nightmares, and regretful experiences may replay in your mind. Your life won’t go from problematic to perfection like magic. No one’s will. Self-love doesn’t mean you won’t have hang-ups. Find the compassion that permits yourself to put your past in perspective so you can cherish the positives.

Attaining perfection is impossible but building yourself back up again is so much better. You will marvel at every milestone you reach and feel proud of the person you are today. Happy Valentine’s Day…to YOU!

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Photo by Jesse Goll on Unsplash