Giving thanks for your sobriety

As we turn the calendar to a time dedicated to gratitude—November is National Gratitude Month—it’s appropriate to give thanks for your sobriety. It takes hard work to stay sober, but the rewards of a clean, healthy life make the work worthwhile.

Take a look at seven benefits of sobriety to help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude all year long.

1. Renewed Health

Living a sober life means not having to wake up dopesick or hungover. You can trade a journey toward dehydration, malnutrition, anemia, and liver disease for a healthy, addiction-free life. With all the drugs and alcohol out of your system following detox and treatment, your body can begin to heal from substance abuse. Free from the chains of addiction, you can sleep more soundly, regain your appetite, and enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system.

2. Improved Self-Image

Not only does substance abuse take a toll on your insides, but it also has a profoundly negative effect on your outward appearance. Sober living, on the other hand, can make you look and feel like a new person. Your eyes and your skin will be clearer, and your hair and nails will look more vibrant. Such outward changes can boost your confidence, attracting others to the healthy new you. 

3. New Connections

Recovery offers many opportunities to make new friends, whether through inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient programs, or support groups. Surrounding yourself with people who don’t drink or do drugs will open up a new world to you, proving that you don’t need to be high to socialize and have a good time. Such friendships can provide the support you need to stick to your goals and stay sober.

4. Healthy Habits

With sobriety comes newfound energy and motivation. Instead of focusing your mental and physical energy on getting high or recovering from the last bender, you can use your time and energy to pursue healthy interests. You can replace your negative habits with positive ones, like biking, playing an instrument, or even continuing your education. With your brain and your body firing on all cylinders, you are free to rediscover old hobbies and pursue new passions.

5. Better Money Management

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, all your resources go toward scoring the substance. But when you’re living sober, you can reallocate that money toward the things you really need. You will be in a better position to pay your bills, buy healthy food, and save for the future. Sober living frees you up to consider the long term and manage your money accordingly.

6. Restored Relationships

Addiction has a way of pushing away the positive influences in our lives. But in recovery, you have an opportunity to repair those damaged relationships. You can make things right with the ones you love, and enjoy a closeness that wasn’t possible when you were high. Each day you stay sober, you can rebuild trust. Sober living increases your ability to maintain meaningful, long-term connections with the people who matter most.

7. Positive Mindset

The increased energy and confidence that come with sobriety lend themselves to a positive outlook on life. Whereas once your life might have felt like a dead end, now you can see all the possibilities ahead of you. You know that change is possible by working hard and asking for help. You can make great memories and consider each new day a gift. You can discover a life that is infinitely worthwhile.

Sobriety doesn’t come easy, but the benefits are immeasurable. Give thanks for each new day you’re alive and well, enjoying a life free of addiction.

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