Managing the Fear of Relapse

Rehabilitation from addiction is a carefully guided process and lifelong journey. Recovery at a holistic rehab is designed to help clients find balance mentally and physically so they can reenter life centered and motivated. But there will be temptations, and the fear of relapse is present on the minds of those who are in recovery and those who love them.

What Causes Relapse After Inpatient Rehab?

Addiction, at its core, is a brain disorder. Addressing and treating the source of addiction—not just ridding the body of drugs or alcohol—is the biggest battle toward recovery.

Exposure to the people, places, emotions, or things that remind an individual of substance abuse are known as triggers and cause cravings that make people in recovery think they need a substance to cope.

A relapse does not mean failure, and it does not mean rehab didn’t work. Relapse means more support is needed to help an individual maintain sobriety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that between 40 and 60 percent of people recovering from drug addiction relapse.

Tips to Avoid Relapse After Holistic Rehab

Part of holistic rehab is arming individuals with the most effective tools and knowledge to avoid addiction relapse:

  • Avoid tempting situations or places, including old haunts where substances flow freely and are encouraged.
  • Avoid people who still use substances and are not interested in getting sober.
  • Join a support group that maintains a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Participate in aftercare, see a therapist, and rely on outpatient holistic therapy for additional recovery support.
  • Develop and maintain a daily exercise routine.
  • Create a healthy, structured schedule that includes time for work, play, treatment and meetings, and constructive activities to alleviate too much down time or boredom.

The SMART Way to Recovery

Addiction recovery is not impossible, but it is difficult. Programs like SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) are offered at holistic rehab centers to help individuals recover from addiction behaviors through real-life and digital connections, while arming him or her with the tools to build and maintain motivation, cope with urges, manage thoughts and behaviors, and live a balanced life.

Holistic rehab offers the tools to learn self-empowerment, self-reliance, and self-directed change so an individual can stay sober through his or her own means and allow others to provide additional support.

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