The Most Triggering Places to Vacation

Getting away from it all feels empowering, especially for someone who has recently been in holistic rehab and is focusing hard on a more regimented way of life. When it’s time to vacation as the new you, there are some places it’s wise to avoid while you work to stay clean – and other places that might serve you far better.

Avoid Tempting Vacation Destinations

Vacations from life are not a vacation from sobriety. Here are some tempting and triggering vacation destinations that people newly in recovery might want to skip:


When you’re in a tropical land completely different from your daily life it can be tempting to dig into whatever foreign substances are available. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re not really “you” when you’re on vacation, but the reality is that this adventure will eventually end, and you will want to go back to real life sober.


Lying on a beach or chilling at a spa might feel like the right choice after working hard to achieve sobriety, but staying busy and stimulated is safer unless you’re at a wellness resort specifically designed for maintaining a sober lifestyle. If you’re trying to decide between dozing downtime or hiking boots and a wetsuit, go with the latter to keep your brain and body busy.


The likes of Mardi Gras or Carnival are designed around overindulgence. If you’re not imbibing it can feel like you’re missing out on a great time. Don’t put yourself in the face of unnecessary temptation.

Prioritize Sober Travel

Traveling “dry” in a society overflowing with drink isn’t easy and it takes some serious planning to transport yourself to a new, exciting destination without fitting in opportunities to indulge in alcohol or drugs.

Lucky for anyone who is new to sobriety, sober tourism has become a thing, and there are plenty of substance-free travel options and alcohol-free travel companies. If you plan well and map your activities, you will not find yourself faced with too many temptations.

  • Alcohol-free bars: Spirit-free drinks and nonalcoholic beverages are part of a growing, worldwide industry. In other words, you’re not the only one looking for a good time without alcohol and you can find a destination that offers a substance-free experience.
  • No-booze cruises: If hitting the open waters is your jam, it’s unlikely you’ll find an entire alcohol-free cruise ship, but you can identify cruises that offer itineraries for sober people who want to hang out together, support each other, attend meetings, and avoid the alcohol on board.
  • Vacation meetings: Support can be found anywhere for people in recovery from holistic rehab. Find a meeting in the city you’re in and attend it, or arrange to video conference with a sponsor.
  • Sober companions: Your traveling companion is just as important as your travel destination. Take your trip with people who support your sobriety and are sober themselves.

You don’t need to indulge in a city’s nightlife or overdo it in a foreign country to soak in unfamiliar cultures. Choose destinations known for healthy, active lifestyles as well as restaurants that cater to a sober way of life.

What any sober traveler needs to accept before they step foot on a plane, train, or automobile is that anywhere you go there will always be access to alcohol. You are the common denominator that will make all the difference in whether a vacation spot is triggering or not, so help yourself by opting for an itinerary that is heavy on healthy distractions.

Prepare for a Sober Vacation

No one wants to avoid a desired vacation destination to maintain sobriety, and you won’t have to do it forever, but if you want to give yourself the best chance to stay sober right after rehab, keep your parameters tight and your rules clear. The longer you stay sober, the more life will open up, and the more comfortable you will become in all environments, even if alcohol is present. Give yourself time to adjust.

If you need help to prepare for your trip, reach out to the holistic rehab center Beachside Rehab in Fort Pierce, Florida. Get support in making a list of vacation triggers to avoid, identifying best practices to keep you sober while you’re traveling, and staying connected with the right resources during your vacation. Call today at 866-349-1770 to speak with a trained admissions counselor.

Photo by Secret Travel Guide on Unsplash