boost your mental health

Mental health is essential to overall health, and how you care for yourself can make a difference in your well-being, including mental wellness. If you are having trouble managing your self-care or need fresh ideas to add to your routine, these simple steps can get you on the right track toward holistic wellness.

Make Yourself Your #1 Priority

We are often so focused on caring for others that we neglect the care that we need for ourselves. We may concentrate on work, family matters, school, and all that life brings, which is essential, but without self-care, we can’t be as productive, passionate, or practical as we can be.

Self-care isn’t selfish. It is a fundamental part of health and happiness. And self-care looks different for everyone. For you, it may be sleeping in on Saturdays or treating yourself to a monthly massage. It could be preparing yourself a fresh fruit smoothie before work in the morning. Maybe it’s saying “no” when you don’t have the time or interest to do something. Self-care is about listening to your body, treating yourself kindly, and acknowledging that you are just as important as anyone else.

Plan and Practice

Self-care habits and rituals won’t necessarily come automatically. It would be best to create a self-care plan you will stick to and find ways to incorporate these new steps into your schedule. You’ll learn what is working and what isn’t serving your self-care objectives.

Some ways to boost your mood:

  • Eat more nutritiously: Some healthy mood-boosting foods include salmon, yogurt, bananas, nuts, and cottage cheese.
  • Get enough sleep: Aim for 7-8 hours of shut-eye per night.
  • Stay well-hydrated: Your brain and body need water to function.
  • Exercise regularly: Join a gym, take a walk, or just dance in the living room!
  • Meditate and relax: Take deep breaths and focus inward, even if you only have a few minutes to spare.
  • Do something fun: Practice a hobby, watch sports, bake bread, play with your pet, etc.
  • Lean into gratitude: Remember what you are thankful for. Every. Single. Day.

We’ve heard “practice makes perfect” since we were young, but let’s not strive for perfection. Make peace your ambition.

Get Connected

You may not have a super-social personality, but relationships with others on some level will contribute to your mental well-being. A supportive friend, caring family member, or even an online “pen pal” will provide encouragement and comfort, and your friendship will do the same for someone else.

When you’re feeling down or just want to talk, your social connections are there to help, give hope, and share your happiness. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but make it a habit to connect with others regularly. The emotional support is uplifting.

Seek Professional Help

You do not have to do this alone. If you can’t seem to find a way to boost your mental health with lifestyle changes, you may wish to seek help from a therapist or another mental health professional. Tailored treatment for your unique mental health concerns can be addressed one-on-one or in a group setting. Sometimes, simply talking it out will help uncover the roots of your mental health challenges.

With a professional to guide your conversations, you may learn new things about yourself that will help boost your mental health. Each day is a unique opportunity for improvement and enlightenment. From there, you can keep going with a positive attitude and better mental health.

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