You’ve Relapsed... Can You Recover?

Alcohol or drug rehabilitation is rarely a smooth ride. The path to recovery will likely have bumps in the road, from rough nights to full-on relapses. You may have been handling your sobriety like a superstar, improving day by day without getting discouraged. But then it hits you…a relapse.

You haven’t failed. Relapsing isn’t ideal, but it’s not the end of your story.

Cut Yourself Some Slack…

You’re going to feel like all your hard work was a waste of time. Not so. Working toward sobriety isn’t easy, and everyone’s experience is unique. Think about where you started and how far you’ve come. The steps you’ve climbed and conquered.

Your relapse is a blip in the big picture. Before you beat yourself up for being human, understand that relapsing is a common part of recovery. Your sobriety coach or counselor, healthcare provider, or addiction specialist will help you reemerge from this setback stronger than before. Grant yourself the grace of patience, perseverance, and permission to pick up where you left off.

…But Don’t Make Light of It

You won’t benefit from making your relapse your sole focus. Your recovery process is a lifestyle transformation and dwelling on mistakes is self-defeating. This doesn’t mean you should dismiss the episode entirely.

Find support in a trusted confidant. Share what happened and be honest. Your relapse isn’t a sign of weakness or lack of commitment to your sobriety. In fact, by facing it head on, it shows that you’re devoted to doing better. You may have to return to rehab for additional or alternative treatment. Seek medical attention if you believe you may be in danger.

Moving Forward

Think back to any signs that may have led you to your relapse. Have you been under stress lately? Did you think you could use in moderation? Are you spending time with a crowd that isn’t on board with your quest toward sober living? Have you been experiencing feelings of sadness or depression? Pay attention to your emotions and mental well-being.

Sobriety requires staying in tune with your body and soul. Stay focused on the future and how you plan to proceed.

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