Choosing the Holistic Therapy That Works for You

Entering holistic rehab to get treatment for substance abuse or mental health is not a sentence, it’s a gift. This is the place to find your center, get help, and re-enter life in a new frame of mind. It’s also a retreat where you can choose the holistic therapy that works best for you as you go on a journey of healing, learning, and recovery.

The beauty of holistic therapy is that nothing is forced upon you, and you have a host of options within your grasp to try, consider, or adopt. It’s your prerogative to say yes to the therapy you love and no to what doesn’t work for you.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

Entering holistic rehab can feel daunting for some people and hopeful for others. Though most people enter rehab at their lowest point as they struggle with addiction or mental health problems, the goal is to step through those doors and begin a transformative journey of healing. Holistic therapies support all other care and recovery – psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.

Holistic therapy is about rehabilitating the whole person, in whatever way is best for them. The goal is to identify the method of therapy that is most effective for achieving balance and a complete sense of well-being – and, ideally, the chosen therapies contribute to a long-term solution and recovery and contribute to ongoing healing to avoid relapse.

There is not just one way to recover – and thank goodness. Mental health and wellness are not one size fits all, and neither are addiction or mental health struggles. Everyone is different, which is why holistic therapies come in different forms, so you can find the method that serves you best.

Types of Holistic Therapy

Not a fan of horses? You don’t have to subject yourself to equine therapy. Love to paint more than write? Art therapy could be the key to healing. The options are many and there is an opportunity to try various therapies on for size until you find the one that speaks to your core needs. Here are some of the holistic therapies you can expect in luxury rehab:

  • Yoga: Yoga warms up the body and mind and is excellent for people who don’t like aggressive exercise or are dealing with a particularly taxing detox and recovery. Yoga is a gentle, progressive method of strengthening and balancing the body physically, spiritually, and mentally through movement and breath work.
  • Art therapy: Creative expression is a common method of holistic therapy and an especially effective method of communication for people who prefer not to express themselves verbally or in writing. Drawing, painting, collage, or any form of art can take the place of words so a person can truly express what they’re feeling.
  • Music therapy: Music therapy doesn’t have to be about creating. Sometimes, listening to music is the key to successful recovery. Playing an instrument, singing, and even songwriting are powerful ways to convey a message. Music is a mood-altering form of therapy that can boost happiness and minimize stress.
  • Equine therapy: Many guests of holistic rehab are surprised to discover how much joy and connection develops during equine therapy. The goal of working with horses is to teach patients how to rebuild relationships, since many connections fracture in the wake of substance abuse. Patients can develop an emotional bond with a horse and learn how to create trust as well as a sense of responsibility.
  • Nutrition: Healthy living is an essential component of the holistic approach to rehab. Good nutrition and regular exercise often fall to the wayside when substance abuse is in charge or mental health plummets. What you eat is critical to staying healthy, energized, and strong, and that means more essential nutrients and less sugar, so you have the fuel to live well and fight cravings.

All holistic therapies are designed to reduce anxiety and stress, enhance a person’s connection to their spirituality, and create an outlet of expression that is comfortable for their current state of being. Regular practice of holistic therapy is beneficial to the body and soul. Some people even discover the heart of themselves through their chosen therapy and go on to enhance their lives by developing a career or hobby that draws on their holistic therapy.

Holistic Rehab for Full-Body Wellness

Addiction is a chronic illness. Mental health problems can be chronic or acute. Ultimately, anyone who suffers physically and mentally because of substance abuse or mental struggles needs an outlet to express themselves, find a new center, and rebuild a healthy existence.

In holistic rehab, the holistic therapies available to everyone help treat substance abuse and mental health, especially for guests who are given a dual diagnosis.

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