How to Move Beyond Healing to Hope

Whether you are on your way to overcoming alcohol or drug addiction or a battle with mental illness, there is hope beyond healing. There is so much more to your journey, and these encouragements and suggestions can help you move forward. Positive thinking is more powerful than you may expect.

Seek Progress, Not Perfection

Getting through recovery from addiction or mental illness will be an ongoing quest. Your goals may change over time, and you may not always make the right choices. Setbacks aren’t failures — they are stepping stones. Perfection is not a destination; in fact, no one every really arrives there.

Your healing journey is about progression. Each new day offers a chance for growth and gratitude. Appreciate every achievement. No accomplishment is too small to savor. Commit to progress because it’s attainable. And you have already proven that you can succeed. Remember that whenever you feel stuck.

This Might Not Be Easy

What you are doing is challenging. Some days may be excruciating, and others may fly by without a hitch. Healing is hard work, and the process can be painful whether you are recovering from addiction or mental illness, but it’s worth the fight. Plan for physical and emotional ups and downs so you’re not caught off-guard. You will get through this.

Allow yourself to face and feel discomfort. It won’t last forever, and you will find ways to cope as you adjust to a new way of living. Eventually, what was once nearly impossible will come second nature. Promise yourself that you won’t give up when it gets complicated.

Release the Guilt and Shame

Living with addiction or mental illness may have made you feel “less than.” As you improve, you may harbor feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, or regret. Understandably, you have these feelings, but you must let them go to move on.

Talk to friends and family you may have affected to share your emotions and seek forgiveness. You don’t have to forget your past. It is part of who you are, but it doesn’t define you. If you have difficulties moving forward because of your history, a therapist can help you with tools and techniques to use your past to propel you forward.

You Are Not Alone

There are people going through the recovery process who understand what you are experiencing. While no two stories are alike, a common connection can be comforting. And while some people have not walked in your shoes, they can still be a source of compassion and companionship.

You don’t have to throw yourself in the middle of overwhelming social situations to find a friend. Take your time to bond with trustworthy people who have your best interests at heart. This could be a family member or someone you’ve met during recovery. Even a stranger could become your soulmate.

You Are Worth It

You deserve to live happily and healthfully. Your past may be filled with adversity, but your future is a blank page. Give yourself the gift of love. You are brave, strong, and resilient. As you continue to recover from addiction or mental illness, your greatest inspiration will be yourself. Treat yourself with dignity and respect. Your life is precious, so make you your priority.

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Photo by Humam on Unsplash